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To Nothing.
Yespuzzle.here Cavale, 09 Aug 2005 02:12
You are astoundingly cool. I only wish I were so cool.

To Insomniac.
youpuzzle.here Insomniac, 06 Mrt 2005 16:41
your cool but u have a point

To Sanguinesongbird.
I don't knowpuzzle.here Sanguinesongbird, 10 Feb 2005 07:48
...why you WANT to be cool. I'm a little frusterated with you now, though.

To Heeyoon.
I thinkpuzzle.here Heeyoon, 20 Dec 2004 08:35
you're pretty cool already.

To Nothing.
title we can fly namedee dee, 25 Dec 2004 19:42

can't we?

To Heeyoon.
uhh.. Heeyoon, 05 Jan 2005 12:48
I dunno..?

To Nothing.
mite name, 23 Jan 2005 14:46
yes we can......in our dreams

To Sweetling.
ohpuzzle.here Sweetling, 25 Nov 2004 05:13
I am trying the puzzle so heart in order to know how u look like, man!

To Nothing.
Cool?puzzle.here Meself, 26 Okt 2004 00:40
Cool isnt an exact thing. Its what people think is cool and most of them act like that to be cool. Then, as the centuries go by people start to change their mind on what is cool. Just be who u want to be. And if its not cool, either change it or just except it and move on.

To Ellelle.
Mr. Cool? Ellelle, 26 Okt 2004 02:49
Your take on this please...?

To Nothing.
Mr. Ellelle name, 08 Dec 2004 16:40
Look, Ellelle All that I am saying is that cool isnt exact. Guys like u should appreciate the calling of orgasms. Men like u r such pigly wiglies.

To Faggot.
Well, today I was told that I am ''phat.'' Faggot, 26 Okt 2004 07:58
Apparently the guy enjoyed my hula-hooping class-to-class travel. He even gave the hoop a try!

To Nothing.
I don't want to changepuzzle.here June, 25 Okt 2004 09:30
Be myself,that's cool.I think I'm very cool

To Nothing.
mehrakpuzzle.here shiva, 03 Jun 2004 10:36
I hate you

To Nothing.
one way or anotherpuzzle.here leo, 08 Feb 2004 14:58
theres only one real way to be cool; be different, but still stay with today standards of fashion, and don't give a crap what others think

To Nothing.
hi bob steven schroder, 07 Apr 2004 20:21
hi bob

To Nothing.
you seem like an interesting personpuzzle.here daniel, 15 Jan 2004 20:10
i wish i could be your friend. too bad we live so far away...

6 5 4 3 2 1

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