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To Wanderer.
i needshell.here Wanderer, 10 Mrt 2004 19:25
one of these clams of positive-ness...

To Nothing.
this website is...shell.here colin, 19 Jan 2004 05:56
what a great metaphor for life, keeping everything shelled inside of like a clam... hmmm

To Flint.
Open up Flint, 19 Jan 2004 16:23
and tell us what's inside of you. What are your dreams?

To Peachy.
shellsshell.here Peachy, 17 Dec 2003 05:35
i dunno.maybe it is the fear of being great.but i do hope it will happen so my mom will shut her face and just love me.

To Damsel.
no pictureshell.here Damsel, 05 Okt 2003 20:54
why can't I get some pictures on this site?

To Sterretraan.
Flash Sterretraan, 06 Okt 2003 11:21
This is a Flash site ... you might want to check if your browser needs up-dating for Flash ...

To Nothing.
tina kazem, 11 Dec 2003 00:25
i love you

To Nothing.
Graciasshell.here Neryth Yamile- de Colombia, 01 Okt 2003 06:56
Ninguna obra en internet me habia conmovido tanto, senti muchas ganas de llorar,sinembargo es necesario que estas cosas sucedan para darnos cuenta que aun sentimos.

To Nothing.
este site Carlos, 02 Okt 2003 22:58

To Flutter.
I want to look insideshell.here Flutter, 17 Aug 2003 07:15
my shell

To Nothing.
think of itshell.here margarita, 03 Aug 2003 07:06
Perhaps you're really a pearl.

To Nothing.
Pearl's a singer . . . in a nightclub, 03 Aug 2003 17:35
she stands up when she plays the piano . . .

To Nothing.
The kshshell.here Pearljam, 14 Jun 2003 17:02
break out of the shell.

To Nothing.
very goodshell.here jam, 10 Jun 2003 13:28
animation and other graphics are very good
but texts are a pessimists
maybe it's just because ''nobody is perfect''

you can find a friend (girl or boy) when and where you want
it's just a question of self control

To Violetstrange.
my good intentions...shell.here Violetstrange, 06 Jun 2003 20:30
there's a hole in my shell...

To Nothing.
Good In tentions. Lud369, 12 Feb 2006 07:41
The road to hell is paved with you!

4 3 2 1

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