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To Faeriegrrrl.
i understand...stagnation.here Faeriegrrrl, 03 Apr 2002 07:05
always seems to be one or the other.

To Imawkward.
without motionstagnation.here Imawkward, 24 Mrt 2002 18:02
apathetic, stagnation. Just standing there, what will you acomplish?

To Nobody.
Let me think Nobody, 25 Mrt 2002 00:17
just a little longer.

To Selfindulgent.
alwaysstagnation.here Selfindulgent, 13 Mrt 2002 05:46
this seems like every human that lives or has lived...we have the opportunity to stop and hang on to the moment...we want to go...we have the opportunity to get going again...and we want to stop and savor the moment...such philosophy in a traffic light!! bravo!

To Nothing.
i also want to do somethingstagnation.here mars, 10 Mrt 2002 22:14
what can i do when everything around me is so fake .i want to go to india

To Nothing.
oh mystagnation.here dEleriUm, 14 Feb 2002 18:44
don't walk
don't walk...

the pressure is too much

To Marienkaefer.
greenstagnation.here Marienkaefer, 12 Feb 2002 17:11
stay here for hours
canĀ“t escape this site
stay in green

To Nobody.
You're welcome to stay Nobody, 12 Feb 2002 17:53
unless you don't want to.

To Nothing.
Life NickTM, 26 Feb 2002 16:41
Stay above the mob!

To Nothing.
None Mingo, 17 Feb 2002 21:40
Marvellous site

To Nothing.
nnnn name, 20 Mrt 2002 20:52

To Doctorhj.
I'm staying Doctorhj, 19 Okt 2008 16:17
Nice site. lots of good-to-read articles and fun little playthings.

To Nothing.
should i stay or should i go?stagnation.here gone, 29 Jan 2002 08:59
do something - do anything
the only crime is stagnation

To Nothing.
continous connectionstagnation.here bean, 25 Jan 2002 18:44
telephonic trees spread wired leaves, all oil based and pre-historic (nameless)

To Nothing.
cemstagnation.here ipek, 22 Jan 2002 12:40

To Ania.
I must stay herestagnation.here Ania, 13 Jan 2002 19:06
it's hard, but I stay

To Nobody.
You're welcome to stay Ania Nobody, 13 Jan 2002 21:55
but I really should go.

To Nothing.
tied mesmerised, 20 Feb 2002 09:05
yes stay i can not leave either
i don't eat sleep just stay

To Bugalug.
addict Bugalug, 17 Apr 2002 09:27
can't eat
can't sleep
just click

To Nothing.
should i stay here, 20 Mei 2002 12:59
or should i go now

To Nothing.
addict weeping_willo, 13 Apr 2005 20:53
we all do it, im sure the bugs will help us one day

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