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To Nothing.
reality bitesstagnation.here seizae, 14 Sep 2006 14:01
i'm so caught up with the real life red-traffic light!

To Deafiemars.
Audismstagnation.here Deafiemars, 31 Mrt 2006 08:14
Audism, hearie, deafie?

To Deafiemars.
Age of Audismstagnation.here Deafiemars, 31 Mrt 2006 08:11
Movie makers spend thousands on sound tracks, orchestra, voice-overs, sound mixers, etc. Never mind the subtitles for the sound proofed folks.

To Nothing.
autistic the drummer from def leppard, 31 Mrt 2006 23:57
kids rock

To Nothing.
I would love to see a film in sign Beutel, 01 Apr 2006 02:33
It would work well on celluloid (digital now). Choreographed with art and skill, it could become something almost truly sublime. To bypass spoken language... There's much to explore in terms of how we think, how we structure. Does such a film exist already?

To Nothing.
Answer trying to be helpful, 01 Apr 2006 10:14
No idea

To Nothing.
titlen name, 07 Mei 2006 14:10

To Nothing.
Why G-d made me Deaf?stagnation.here Margaret Arnold, 31 Mrt 2006 08:02
The Age of Audism. NOISE POLLUTION is on the rise until it reacheth heavens. Enuff! Fingers in Ears!

To Nothing.
Why do I have to workstagnation.here Chris, 03 Mrt 2006 23:59
Is money the only incentive

To Rip.
No! Rip, 04 Mrt 2006 22:42
Not unless you are hungry, thirsty, or tired. Then, a little money can help a lot.

To Nothing.
Unexpectatedstagnation.here me, 29 Mei 2005 17:18
I guess that's really it. We all strive to find something worthwhile.

To Marlies.
finding peace of mind Marlies, 30 Mei 2005 21:41
would be worthwhile enough for me.

To Nothing.
Is it bad for me.....stagnation.here sneezing-green, 18 Mei 2005 07:41
To push frozen peas up my nose? It feels so good.

To Nothing.
Beans thinkingofmakingchili, 18 Mei 2005 11:47
are good too.

To Nothing.
broad beans but only organic, 19 Mei 2005 04:23

To Nothing.
Better than your arse stick yer cucumber up the Old Kent Road, 18 Mei 2005 14:03
Try a cucumber

To Watermoon.
De-Stagnatestagnation.here Watermoon, 07 Mei 2005 21:31
You could always try doing both, or neither.

To Rung.
It's very coolstagnation.here Rung, 30 Mrt 2005 10:29
i can't believe how could you create this website!! I always visit.. Have a nice life, hey, you can!!

To Platina.
Irreversiblestagnation.here Platina, 26 Mrt 2005 10:47
This is the first line. This is the last.

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