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To Hemeloid.
Spring surelysummer.here Hemeloid, 31 Jan 2003 22:16
I thought this activity usually started in the Spring when the ''sap'' starts to rise and a young man's thoughts turn to Love - mind you an awful lot does go on during the summer, especially when the giraffes go away on vacation.....


To Nothing.
Sometimessummer.here pea without a pod, 11 Okt 2002 00:20
i feel like i'm trapped in the wash cycle with 100 pairs of white socks. You may ask yourself, ''eh? what the hell does this have to do with anything?'' Well, imagine, the socks, they're all the same, but they're in the wash and there, each fold, each twist and contortion created by the cycle is unique. Life is like that, we're all the same. No matter what sort of animal we are, we all have blood, a heart, a pair of lungs, we eat, we poop, and then expire. The difference between the wash and life, is that in the end, laundry is cleaner.

To Nothing.
And I forgot pea without pods, 11 Okt 2002 00:21
Clean socks smell better than a funky worn out body.

To Nothing.
and I also fogot name, 11 Okt 2002 00:33
to say that while we're in the cycle we all look different, like those twisted, scrunched up socks, but once the wash is done, we look the same, like plain, ordinary white socks.

To Englishbob.
My socks Englishbob, 29 Mrt 2003 04:43
have holes.

To Nothing.
uhuhsummer.here Gonzo, 19 Sep 2002 14:24
yeah yeah abba abba advanced hair ooooooohhh yeah

To Nastnast.
Summertimesummer.here Nastnast, 09 Jul 2002 03:47
and the livins easy

To Selfindulgent.
where?summer.here Selfindulgent, 12 Apr 2002 08:18
...where do you live exactly?

To Rosanna.
Summer timesummer.here Rosanna, 25 Mrt 2002 03:10
Uhhh that´s bad...

To Emmepem.
Bad? ... why bad? Emmepem, 26 Mrt 2002 00:07
Summertime and the living is easy...
That's a song too.

To Nothing.
vnb name, 20 Mei 2002 22:40

To Nothing.
ReReResummer.here Cherie Hanson, 23 Jan 2002 09:06
resting your head in a web, catching dreams on the edge of the same card, over and over, hoping to find web mates to mind your vision. Yeah, Cool.

To Annadel.
coooooool Annadel, 30 Apr 2002 04:22
indeed, especially my pc-owning friends are very happy i discovered this site and no longer need to decypher my nightly brabbles and desperate requests.

To Nothing.
sprung - springsummer.here horny, 09 Jan 2002 09:09

To Nothing.
sheep dip Karl, 16 Mei 2003 11:29
this is how they do it in New Zealand, perhaps?

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