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To Plinnym.
for me...synchronized.here Plinnym, 21 Nov 2004 03:55
it was when i entered a walgreens...and the door said hello to the friend i was with...or maybe that was after i saw the car running with the keys in it, i don't recall

To Nothing.
nothing georgia, 08 Apr 2005 03:26
we came out of nothing to do something...but really, at the end of the day we die and is we didd nothing. Then someone else is born to be nothing..!!!

To Nothing.
bearsynchronized.here do i need a name????, 27 Okt 2004 21:33
nice site!!! I am likin it a lot!!! keep ti up. see ya homies!!!!

To Baxman.
Love as freedomsynchronized.here Baxman, 21 Okt 2004 01:39
The hardest, happiest freedom seems to be when you will to will not for yourself but lean away from inclinations outwards to the world and other's good. A paradox; how can choosing not to do your own thing, but to do what others want to, be a freedom? It fills and spills the heart to even think on!

To Seekita.
If life's problems were colors...synchronized.here Seekita, 12 Sep 2004 21:11
..I think we'd all be rainbows.

To Peetzy.
Colourssynchronized.here Peetzy, 22 Mei 2004 21:46
shapes, impressions. We all think we see reality. Though reality is a product of our minds, fed by a random load of signals from the world around us. We believe what we see but what exactly do we see..? That should be questioned, it's madening.

To Henryhackit.
sorry Henryhackit, 23 Mei 2004 02:01
you are wrong. Reality is not inside our head. it is the perception of reality that is inside our head. a partial, incomplete copy of what we think is out there. Since all copies of this 'reality' are incomplete, no one can truely see reality as a whole and therefore nobody is completely right or wrong... I guess that means you could be right then and I could be wrong here. I think I'm going mad now.

To Peetzy.
Hmm... Peetzy, 23 Mei 2004 13:16
what kind of person would you be if you actually could see reality as a whole..? Guess we human beings are not able to cope with it (yet). Besides that, your perception will be crushed instantly and therefore you will lose your personality... Damn, I'm feeling sorry for God!

To Henryhackit.
Omniscience Paradox Henryhackit, 23 Mei 2004 15:04
If you were to be able to percieve reality as a whole, you would have to know a few things about every smalest particle in the entire universe. The problem here is that you will need to store this information in a medium (brain) to be able to draw conclusions and make predictions(percieve). Lets say that this medium we use to store all the information of an atom in a single atom... we would still need twice as much medium as there is material in the universe. And as a result of the added material: we need to add more material to percieve this added material and therewith create a new paradox we will never solve. Unless ofcourse.. the medium IS the universe. What kind of person would you be if you could percieve reality as a whole? You would have to BE reality itself. But even then, could you percieve yourself without making a change to that which you want to percieve?

To Nothing.
who says reality gillis rather hung-over..., 23 Mei 2004 17:10
is material? this so called paradox goes for the universe itself as well: where ís the universe? does it lie in a box? dangle from a ceiling? lean against a wall? it seems to me that it is logically impossible that there is a material basis for matter... but just guessing!

To Henryhackit.
- Henryhackit, 23 Mei 2004 17:55
I am not saying that truth is matter, what I am saying is that matter is a part of the truth and that if we are physically incapable of even grasping that.. how could we even begin to comprehend the remaining part?. But there is a more mathematical explanation of this paradox using cantor's theorem, if you are interested.


To Henryhackit.
for instance Henryhackit, 23 Mei 2004 18:03
it would be far easier to remember the immaterial truth: 'Gillis has a hangover' but this leaves room for debate as to what a 'hangover' really is or that in fact Gillis is experiencing the effects of it or has built up a tolerance. The simple fact that the material waste products of alcohol consumption have built up in your body and the exact location of these waste products signify truth in a much clearer and undebatable fasion.

To Nothing.
deception the name of my autonamonous self is katy, 23 Mei 2005 00:17
sense experience decieves therefore we do not gain real knowledge from experience it can only be gained through reason but reason can never be completely independant of sense experience therefore nothing can be known

To Insomniac.
enlightenment Insomniac, 28 Dec 2004 15:04
thats what being enlightened is, isn't it? when you understand the universe and reality and how it all works.

To Peetzy.
If you get that far Peetzy, 06 Feb 2005 17:37
you've reached the Nirvana. But do we want to reach it anyway? Besides from being reborn time after time after time... That makes us being doomed to live untill we eventually have found the power to get enlighted. Well, I like to live like I do now and don't mind to live it again, over and over :D Yeah! Hail to the future! ;)


To Nothing.
we see gillis, 23 Mei 2004 17:11
how we see

To Nothing.
huh! anthony raven, 24 Mei 2004 16:49
you a matrix fan by any chance?
how 'bout you come up with your own ideas and then come back and share them.....

To Lace.
but the matrix Lace, 01 Mrt 2005 05:40
was from many old ideas
descartes and william gibson and i suppose many others. it is rather rare to have a completely original idea. i suppose most ideas are just rearrangements and recombinations and tiny additions to existing ideas. [the world has got so terribly old]

To Nothing.
Grow up! Luiza, 23 Sep 2005 22:12
Do something with your life, read a book, even better a philosophie book, before say anything. You'll see that the idea of this site is so much better than a movie that didn't know how to end beautifuly!

To Kaja.
Aren't we all synchronized?synchronized.here Kaja, 22 Mei 2004 15:20
Aren't we all just stooges in nature's hand, repeating the same behavioural, mental and emotional patterns? Determined by the fact that we are human? Different combinations of the patterns, that's all our freedom.

To Nothing.
freedom?? PM, 20 Sep 2004 10:55
freedom...is afterall...a state of mind, when there is nothing left to lose!!!we might b stooges w diff behaviour patterns....but then again....we are all humans!arent we supposed to have sum sort of a similarity?

To Nothing.
ACK!!synchronized.here Portia, 22 Mrt 2004 05:18
Haha, it totally fooled me, the changes in screen color. At first I was like ''no, its just my eyes being weird'' and then ''wait a minute...'' heheh.

To Alunaroc.
iesynchronized.here Alunaroc, 22 Okt 2003 15:59
not synchronized!...time is the forth dimension.we live in a tridimensional world.oh my god i'm so smart

To Nonicname.
time is our death Nonicname, 19 Nov 2003 11:56
no more planning for an after life
we live life now...we connect now..we make memories now......i am going to ride my bike across several states and oceans to bring you fresh baked cookies. then we will dine under the clouds and ill ride on the handle bars you push the pedals with no destinaion we never needed it

To Kisha.
Lokisynchronized.here Kisha, 12 Jun 2003 17:32
Trying to make me think I DID drink too much wine last night?

To Nothing.
Wine .... Imbiber, 13 Jun 2003 08:47
Impossible to drink too much wine

To Nothing.
my tree is open i have two testicles for you, 28 Jan 2004 21:52
hello fig leaf, do i resemble a bar of soap or shall we go out for dinner?
and then the car exploded! i laughed :)

To Hommel.
Ehm...synchronized.here Hommel, 10 Jun 2003 20:33
wasn't this text in DUTCH, just a minute ago?

To Nothing.
Were in the box? Ernest, 13 Jun 2003 23:43

To Nothing.
Were in the box? Ernest, 13 Jun 2003 23:43

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