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To Violetstrange.
yah right.theory.here Violetstrange, 17 Jun 2003 06:20
happiness comes in small doses and is an expensive hoax of a pill.

To Nothing.
he3 name, 02 Dec 2004 01:34

To Andie.
one of my goals...theory.here Andie, 12 Jun 2003 08:03
...is simply to achieve general happiness. but we can always find things to complain about, don't we? life is weird.

To Andie.
something... Andie, 12 Jun 2003 08:05
...that makes me happy is to say, ''well at least i'm not doing an essay that is due in an hour.'' which i have done before. very nervewracking and stressful. GOD i hope i never have to do that again. but i know i will... :'(

To Nothing.
titleOne of my goals nameSarah, 08 Apr 2004 13:35
Something new to play with!

To Nothing.
Have you ever noticed...theory.here Vanessa, 16 Apr 2003 06:14
that when we are in a happy period where everything is going right, we seem to create trouble and sabotage that happiness? We promote the attainment of happiness as an ideal, but it actually gets boring.

To Staralfur.
You know, Staralfur, 01 Mei 2003 06:40
That is just what Dostoyevsky said 150 years ago in Notes From Underground.

To Nothing.
happy thinkingtheory.here Katerina, 02 Apr 2003 13:04
I'm happy when i think that I'm happy.
To be happy I should just think about it and believe that it's true.
It's really work for me!

To Ansol.
Self induced Ansol, 23 Jun 2003 01:15
I agree. Hapiness is (for me at any rate) largely self-induced. There are going to be things that make you unhappy, there is no avoiding that: its life. But you can choose how much things affect you and for how long. Some things just arn't worth getting all that upset about. Life is too short to go through it with all the bad emotions turned on and all the good ones turned off.

To Nothing.
Lifetheory.here Abraham, 23 Jan 2003 21:20
Life is one long trip from A to B, it's important to have a look at what between the two, whatever it is

To Nothing.
This is the way it is...theory.here Gem, 15 Dec 2002 07:38
Life was simple before Now. Emotions, free. Relationships, uncomplicated. Love, real. But we can never go back. Life is transient. We live moment by fleeting moment; each leading to the Moment for which we live. Precious time to delay the frightening instant nonexistence.

To Brazilya.
maybe a blue theorytheory.here Brazilya, 11 Nov 2002 04:18
one way to find some kind of feeling that looks like happiness could be to ''forget and forgive'' what cause you pain. that leads us to the mayor problem: try to do it and avoid further pains while all around you may hurts... even your so called friends. other way is face that your so called friends never existed, and move on and don´t make a big deal, either way, happiness always is near, but you´ll never reach it.

To Geobell.
do I remember? Geobell, 13 Nov 2002 12:10
and what and why when i don't understand where i am or what I do BUT why is some reason we decide upon any moment we are able to make decisions, informed or arbitrary......with little or no future I am unsure of any pasts...

To Nothing.
try name, 29 Nov 2002 08:35
hi saf

To Nothing.
so..theory.here Moi qui t'aimais, 04 Nov 2002 05:16
there's no eternal happiness?

To Ttilly.
.theory.here Ttilly, 02 Nov 2002 18:20
Life is all an illusion, there only that we may learn by seeing through the illusion.

To Joeybbell.
timetravel Joeybbell, 26 Feb 2003 09:12
try to go back just a few days, maybe deliver a message to 20 years ago... probable futility

To Ansol.
Illusion Ansol, 23 Jun 2003 01:18
All things are illusion. The trick is to study them all and USE the illusions that do us the most good. Yea, I've been reading Nietzsche. What else can I say? (but I like it)

To Nothing.
.....theory.here whatever, 16 Okt 2002 10:36
yezzzz go ahead die and see if you finaly can start living life after that

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