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To Nothing.
The meaning...untitled.here Karapuz, 29 Okt 2002 14:26
This is the most meaningful site I've seen so far
I'll keep coming here..

To Nothing.
wheelchair mayhemuntitled.here coco, 10 Jul 2002 01:43
i plummet like a rock unto thorns. the wheel on my chair wobbles and squeeks. i have forgotten my oil can. but i realize that is what i have slipped on.

the wheel continues to squeek.

To Nothing.
wheelchair mayhem coco, 10 Jul 2002 01:50
this site has no end. the little things that mesmerize us during our dull days. a simple bug...a nose hair...grinding teeth. things we would cringe at, look away...hold our attention. when a wheel squeeks, we continue to listen, over and over again. there is no reason...we just do. we watch a bug. it has done nothing to harm us. our size far excedes our size, yet we stomp on them. i enjoy that :)

To Nothing.
i'm soo deep or am i?untitled.here name, 08 Jul 2002 07:22
i look for the inner being when i chose a friend but that doesn't mean that all my friends r ugly caur they're not to all you motherfucken suckers who bullshit and da diks dat say if ur smart ur ugly and to all to cock sucken bitches out there WAKE UP

To Nothing.
duhuntitled.here me, 19 Jun 2002 05:49
its profound, get over it

To Nothing.
auntitled.here name, 01 Jun 2002 12:21

To Nothing.
I just dug the nose pluckinuntitled.here =), 28 Mei 2002 04:22
this is a mystery...just clicked an Icon..
and now transported to a toatally lame site...maybe its eurospam..you know..that artzy,Fartzy stuff

To Nothing.
nice day to you!untitled.here sary, from israel, 18 Mei 2002 07:21
i write in english with geart difficult' so ijust say you: your site is very c-u-t-e!!!!!!

To Nothing.
woiwoiwoi jeffry, 05 Jun 2002 09:11
the enof the day

To Nothing.
Twinsuntitled.here restella@earthlink.net, 07 Mrt 2002 21:59
I think ifyou are a twin, you must both have been in modeling. Am I right? You must have had an unusual and interesting childhood(?) Would love to know more about it.

To Nothing.
I reallly really really love it... Vicky , from Greece, 23 Mei 2002 13:54
...although I don't really understand what's all about... !!! tri la la la... :)aslo I very happy at this moment 'cos I am planning my holidays :) kisses to all...!!

To Nothing.
¿É¸ü¸Ä·¢¶¯»úÈý¹úÉç»áÄÚ´ó¼¯ºÏ zzzz4652732, 23 Feb 2006 10:38

To Nothing.
I wanna say I Love Uuntitled.here Maggie, 06 Mrt 2002 10:17
Adam!!! I love u so much!
but i just dont know how to say it!
hope u will find out one day.
or even just think of me for 1 sec or even just dream of me...........

To Nothing.
Beautiful name, 25 Apr 2002 17:57
Beautiful in the world and I except my financee~ will be understanding how I am feeling so very warmest romance.

To Glidergirl.
That's fineuntitled.here Glidergirl, 23 Feb 2002 22:47
I don't know what this is all about. But I understand it anyways, I think.

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