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To Nothing.
Hiuntitled.here Hi, 18 Mrt 2004 22:29
Fat is good for you kids!! Eat lots of fat and you'll look like ME!!!MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!XD

To Nothing.
title?untitled.here name., 03 Dec 2003 20:32

To Bam.
glass is sssoooo cooluntitled.here Bam, 14 Okt 2003 04:00
I`ll be back

To Nothing.
titleglass is sssooooo cooluntitled.here namebam, 14 Okt 2003 03:55
textif glass is sssoooo cool, why is it so smooth?

To Bam.
glass is sssoooo cool Bam, 14 Okt 2003 03:59
c`mon u people, why is it so smooth?

To Nothing.
hi QuENTIN, 13 Mrt 2004 01:41

To Nothing.
Where is the Americat Idol? Sheila, 09 Dec 2004 12:04
Is the real Americat Idol here? No?? Shoot ... I thought he was here. I'll have to go look for him on the Internet ... perhaps americatidol.com? Time to give it a try.

To Nothing.
Americat Idol Kitty, 09 Dec 2004 12:05
Yep. The kitty is at americatidol.com. Can't wait to hear his love song for his lady love.

To Nothing.
Success and Failure...untitled.here Zen , 21 Jun 2003 23:14
Nobody ever learned from their successes.

To Nothing.
On anticipatory failure...untitled.here Zen , 21 Jun 2003 23:10
A pause after all that negativity...alright... Considering that only fifty percent of all that we anticipate never happens (either good or bad) it is worthy to then consider that we are at least given half a chance to succeed at anything we choose to do.

To Nothing.
untitleduntitled.here Ge, 24 Apr 2003 18:13
this is totally surreal...I love it ,cry it,hug it,enjoy it...is deep shit that I crave...like what you need to be disconnected for a while...is art...I can't stop being here!

To Nothing.
Thought for the day - 1untitled.here Peter G from London, 14 Apr 2003 09:03
Sideways is backwards to a crab.

To Englishbob.
or Englishbob, 01 Jun 2003 05:35

To Nothing.
all is all in all 3x3untitled.here you know it, 06 Mrt 2003 21:27
This is so beautiful... i don't think you even know it yourself

To Nothing.
itileuntitled.here nmae, 12 Dec 2002 20:57

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