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To Nothing.
Sane Personwallpaper.here RyAzzA, 30 Sep 2002 12:44
Cant you all see that this is utter shit and a waste of time

To Nothing.
Insane Person nOt RyAzzA, 30 Sep 2002 13:18
Cant you all see that I am an utter shit and a waste of time

To Nothing.
Peeling, flocked,....wallpaper.here Trebor, 12 Sep 2002 06:55
Peeling, flocked, and marked with pocks its loose edges flutter in the afternoon breeze. I lose myself in its patterns and meanings.

To Nonicname.
putty in your hand Nonicname, 22 Nov 2003 02:10
spackle and fill the empty holes. be patient im sure it will be a tedius task but once you can cratch the wall paper off the rest will come along smoothly

To Wunderlust.
couldnt stop peelingwallpaper.here Wunderlust, 03 Sep 2002 08:17
Uh..ok. That was amazing!

To Nonicname.
wowwallpaper.here Nonicname, 28 Jul 2002 18:24
i love the message in this one

To Nothing.
destroy paper, 22 Aug 2002 04:39

To Nonicname.
rebuild Nonicname, 26 Aug 2002 15:27
destroy to rebulid a new day

To Nothing.
Spirit & Windwallpaper.here Bruce G.F. Krymow, 24 Jun 2002 10:09
My Spirit unbroken and all that I take,
but the Wind, my friend, is what I like to break.

To Nothing.
i like to tearwallpaper.here Janic, 10 Jun 2002 17:48
I just like to tear as much as i can!

To Nothing.
alienswallpaper.here peteo, 31 Mei 2002 16:05
Wonder what they think of the concept of ''wallpaper''? Bet they don't use borders or stenciling in the Mother Ships....hmmmmm?

To Nothing.
lilfewallpaper.here Sandra, 25 Mei 2002 05:15
insert text here

To Gollum.
smellwallpaper.here Gollum, 03 Mei 2002 23:40
breathe in the air

To Nothing.
titlejerk namepaul, 14 Mei 2002 04:37

To Nothing.
bubu bubu, 14 Mei 2002 15:36

To Nothing.
rteujgggggggggggggg gggggggggg, 14 Jun 2002 16:34

To Shannrose.
Historywallpaper.here Shannrose, 02 Mei 2002 17:58
Things people leave behind...that was great

To Nothing.
History I. M. Knottjahn, 06 Mei 2002 08:08
Whatever idiots-in-power decide what is to be remembered. The omissions are
likely the elements worthy of our time. Did you really think pontoons dock?

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