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To Czilae.
confusedwallpaper.here Czilae, 25 Feb 2005 17:32
err whats the topic again? lol

To Nothing.
Hello Aline - Brazil, 26 Aug 2005 16:44
You are very cool!!

To Nothing.
hi joe nan, 25 Jan 2006 08:52
hello ok i admit you are so fuking coollz

To Noreallyiamregis.
Wallpaperwallpaper.here Noreallyiamregis, 14 Feb 2005 11:59
I've lived in this house.

To Sthernkisses.
Did the wallpaper rippingwallpaper.here Sthernkisses, 08 Jan 2005 19:18
And no link....this was th dumbest thing I've ever seen!!!!!

To Rosanna.
It's funny wallpaper.here Rosanna, 30 Dec 2004 17:27

To Nothing.
Guess what?wallpaper.here Beautiful stranger, 30 Nov 2004 04:59
If you keep on tearing it down, at the end theres a link!

To Seekita.
wallpaper.here Seekita, 23 Okt 2004 03:30
Don't tear down the wallpaper...add your own over it...add to the story told for generations.

To Chubby.
Come off won't you!!wallpaper.here Chubby, 04 Jul 2004 21:05
Think of ourselves in perspective...we're not the first or only ones here!

To Guerrinha.
Very Cool! Guerrinha, 26 Aug 2005 16:50
Very, very...


To Mechanic.
a raritywallpaper.here Mechanic, 26 Mei 2004 11:58
space. time. honor.


To Nothing.
this IS the struggle wallpaper.here christopher rottler, 18 Apr 2004 04:40
The point is one which politicians would be good to learn. That is...to take the time to notice history. The value of memory, of history, is that it provides an opportunity to reflect on the stupidity of human biology. Language, mythology, and eventually literacy are developments in the journey of human history which have allowed us not only to move forward, but have in fact have created in us a subjective consciousness. We are no longer slaves to the immediacy of experience. We have the ability to reflect and to learn; To peel back the layers of human identity. Why then, are we still so stupid? Why do we still utterly fail in learning lessons of the past? Why do we allow our lives to be managed by presidents who have no soul? Peace is really not so hard. It is simply a matter of listening.

To Chrys.
Darn Chrys, 12 Mrt 2005 05:11
He beat me to it!

To Chrys.
Darn Chrys, 12 Mrt 2005 05:11
He beat me to it!

To Nothing.
hello genti, 02 Mrt 2006 10:50

To Meow.
Lilacwallpaper.here Meow, 01 Mrt 2004 17:35
I like the lilac paper with the purple pattern best. I think I could endure living with those people. They would have liked me and talked to me and given me tea. We could have gone for long walks in autumn and to the ocean in summer. My walls now are beige. Noone gives me tea.

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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