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naam: Alicealice
latijns:saldula saltatoria - oeverwants

To Alicealice.
in the chat roomconversation.here Alicealice, 08 Nov 2005 08:52
where is everyone these days?

To Nothing.
but namm, 08 Nov 2005 09:12
have you ever heard the album nebraska by bruce springsteen?

To Selina.
True Selina, 08 Nov 2005 11:48
1. The sink is crowded by ''teenagers '' (?) who practise their f..k, f..k vocabulary........2 i.m.h.o Dutch splats are often about their personal problems. Interesting for psycho_peepers, but often very boring. Not agreeing with a point of view leads to ''move out of this site if you don't like what I say''. Probably makes more and more bugs prefer to be anonymous.

To Astro.
Selina Astro, 08 Nov 2005 12:11
read my new post and find a new kind of entry. If you are a reader, you might enjoy it.

To Astro.
Selina Astro, 08 Nov 2005 12:17
Don't be discouraged. Some of us do post sensible and clean things and we will be back. Recent postings have not been very much fun but if you have been with us for a while you must admit that we have some that are really fun and some are even interesting. So laugh the others off and you contribute some good ones too please.

To Selina.
TRUE Selina, 08 Nov 2005 13:08
Thank you . I agree . I can handle personal attacks and see through it, but I noticed the change. Empty sink and more and more anonymous splats ( talking about the Dutch ones ) Also that the English splats are different cannot really say in what way. Interesting.. DAG!!!

To Nothing.
selientje gillis, 08 Nov 2005 22:58
ik ben teleurgesteld in je...

To Selina.
waarom Selina, 09 Nov 2005 21:39

To Nothing.
A you a nun? Abbey Sister Larfing Cow, 08 Nov 2005 18:24
With a bad habit?

To Alicealice.
sicktoes.here Alicealice, 07 Nov 2005 04:32
pretty sick pictures. i hate toes and feet.
they are gross.
it's like they havn't

To Nothing.
DUH TwinkleToes, 07 Nov 2005 14:10

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