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naam: Baxman
latijns:lampyris noctiluca m - glimworm

To Baxman.
The Cattidy.here Baxman, 21 Okt 2004 01:44
Curiosity killed himself. Leave mister alone if you love your Cat.

To Nothing.
i'm ali elganzory ali, 28 Nov 2005 10:00
hi any body here

To Baxman.
Love as freedomsynchronized.here Baxman, 21 Okt 2004 01:39
The hardest, happiest freedom seems to be when you will to will not for yourself but lean away from inclinations outwards to the world and other's good. A paradox; how can choosing not to do your own thing, but to do what others want to, be a freedom? It fills and spills the heart to even think on!

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