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naam: Carlaj
latijns:cossus cossus - wilgehoutvlinder b

To Carlaj.
Silenseuntitled.here Carlaj, 10 Dec 2006 00:17
the sound of
and love

To Carlaj.
You!secrets.here Carlaj, 09 Dec 2006 23:43
It was you, for weeks I cried over my dead pigeon! And then I drove over someones cat and my pain was gone!

To Carlaj.
bestaancar.here Carlaj, 09 Dec 2006 17:24
Er van uitgaand dat die auto's ook bestaan

To Carlaj.
eye aieye.here Carlaj, 09 Dec 2006 17:18
Eigenlijk zijn wij mensen een partijtje ziek hoor. Ik heb trouwens alleen maar de paperclip in je oog gedaan. De punaise ging mij wat ver. Toch...

To Carlaj.
dietwin.here Carlaj, 17 Mrt 2006 20:18
He will die death-bored, seen it all at his 40-ies, and you.. you learn and die also..
perhaps frustrated, perhaps with lots of knowlegde gained or also bored... so the difference is in-between. Stop sobbing about it, explore!

To Carlaj.
.. and chipseating.here Carlaj, 08 Mrt 2006 21:29
and then they die

To Carlaj.
?dance.here Carlaj, 08 Mrt 2006 21:26
do you work at all?

To Carlaj.
bzzzfly.here Carlaj, 08 Mrt 2006 21:24
My brother said, after watching Microcosmos (film about insects), insects are beautiful, it's a shame I have to kill them'

To Carlaj.
comfortbear.here Carlaj, 08 Mrt 2006 20:40
How much comfort can you bear?

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