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naam: Chrys
latijns:acherontia atropos - doodshoofdvlinder b

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To Chrys.
Now all it needshand.here Chrys, 16 Mrt 2005 04:55
is a floating piano keyboard we can put across the fingers and play a tune....

To Chrys.
LOL call me densesocks.here Chrys, 16 Mrt 2005 04:40
Since i refuse to sort anyones socks as a habit, even my own (they just get tossed in the drawer and ya get what ya grab for) my first reaction was to just start making pinwheels out of the individual splashes of color...had no idea it ''did'' anything till i read the comments. Then of course i was forced to go back and play by the rules if i was to make anything happen.

To Nothing.
fgykyfkfk hkdghkdthkh, 26 Mrt 2005 15:02

To Chrys.
Corporeal beingness self.here Chrys, 12 Mrt 2005 05:00
would sometimes seem to be one big hassle considering an idealized possible exsistance of pure thought. However it is from the very experience of Experience in a 3-D, feeling, sensate, world that we learn compassion out of having felt the pain ourselves. Without knowing what 'hurts', we would never understand the reason or logic of sympathy, empathy or pity that carries with it the selfless urge to Help or assist our fellowbeings.

To Saladin.
Do you think that Saladin, 12 Mrt 2005 11:24
the reciprocal altruism type of human interaction which you talk about in the latter part of your post is only brought about by way of particular relationships that have failed and the lessons that we learn from that? Whether or not a person is unfortunate to have had unpleasent experiences with people morally challenged does not alter the fact that those unpleasent people have decided at some point or were asked to avoid being sensible and reasonable. I would say the effect of that is to provoke hard feelings in return and not to cause feelings of sympathy and compassion anyway. I personally think that altruism and the capacity to act decently have substantial inherent qualities which continue to develop throughout our lives depending on our experiences.

To Nothing.
no, I don't think that two brains,one missing, 13 Mrt 2005 20:18

To Insomniac.
i do Insomniac, 05 Sep 2005 00:47
thats the whole point of this site. the problem is it gets through and that hurts.

To Nothing.
sophia sophia, 15 Okt 2006 22:28
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To Chrys.
Some things only appearwhether.here Chrys, 11 Mrt 2005 03:59
to remain the same. One of my intellectual passions is epigraphy...(studying ancient scripts carved on wood or rock...like cliffs and boulders around the country.) FLASH news... North America was known and used by the Old World mariner cultures and before that by the meglithic Celts. Olmecs were cosmopolitan Africans and Asians who united to create that new culture in Mexico. From them came the Mayans. But check out the website here. Right in CA there is evidence of precolumbian Arabic and Celtic contacts dating back to the cusp of BCE/CE. Static inscriptions holding out the same information all these ages and yet interpreted in so many different ways...


To Chrys.
Noticepet.here Chrys, 10 Mrt 2005 15:45
That when the frogs ran out of regular resource, they became cannibals. Not that this would happen in nature, there's never an end to more bugs... (ha!) But i suppose the webcreator could not have the frogs eating his clientelle. That's bad for business. However it is an interesting observation that 'these' frogs grew fat on their own kind. Not sure what that message is. The baby chicks never had the chance to grow up and fight back. Have you ever seen a chicken tackle an amphibian out on the farm? Not a pretty sight. Chickens can actually be quite vicious.... lil velociraptors who never forgot their lineage. (birds evolved from theropods) Every time you have turkey you are eating dinosaur.

To Chrys.
Miming is an art formmime.here Chrys, 10 Mrt 2005 15:30
Pure communication by kinetic symbology instead of verbal dependance. Goes back to the primal body-speak a bi-pedal ape needed to get his idea across to his clan members. Placing ones self back in that position of either using sign language or esp forces one to use parts of their brains that have been stifled and stunted by modern ''education''. Fear of the unknown is a basic phobia in humans. And when it is inside your own head, it can be terribly unsettling to have to face that unfamiliarity without chance of escape, for it travels with you, whether you try to ignore it or not. Try exercising that grey zone more, make it familiar territory... imagine, meditate, create, take time to daydream and listen to that part of your psyche. Suddenly miming is realized as a natal language you havent spoken since you were 14 months old.

To Nothing.
title: namel, 17 Apr 2005 08:04
text thats the stupidly dumb thing to bother to post, slug.

To Msmads.
Not such a dumb statement Msmads, 23 Mrt 2018 14:57
in it's base form is miming.
simple, not easy.

To Chrys.
Courage is basedcourage.here Chrys, 10 Mrt 2005 14:58
on past experience that trial and error can actually work out alright. Then apply the right directions all at once. Faith in the Universal goodness of humanity can allow you to step off the cliff, jump into a new situation and find out you do have wings. I am very much the little country mouse in cold snowy country. My next week's adventure will be a 36 hr busride to see friends in Canada. There will be 3 transfers in VERY big Cities along the way. My anxiety level is high... there is a different clientelle of people on busses than planes. Some say it is homier. Some say it is darker and more desperate. My imagination is causing my fear more than the actual experience will. So i will climb on that bus and hope to find assistance instead of danger. So courage is also having Hope.

To Chrys.
Keep reachingreach.here Chrys, 10 Mrt 2005 14:38
That's the only way to find the next finger hold or toe grip and keep going up the rockface. Think ivy. Gain one height and refuse to be knocked off. Have many smaller fastenings and if one slips, the others catch you. It's called friends. You have to be one to get them tho! And that means thinking from the other person's shoes, not you own center.

To Nothing.
Its called a theory of mind Justin, 10 Mrt 2005 16:40
But what you really need to consider in those circumstances is whether there is anything slippery around you, like banana skins lying around about the rocks for instance. If you have experience it becomes much easier to identify the skins, i think of these skins like i would a slippery friend. If you want to stay up-right and continue the ascent, or if you just want to not come down, then its better to steer clear of anything slippery. I know this because i have experience of being at rock bottom, and i remember how i got here.

To Chrys.
i was always the slow onetag.here Chrys, 10 Mrt 2005 04:52
...not a coordinated runner. Being either ''It'' or one of the chasees was never really enjoyable. Softball, now, i liked that. Got good at hitting the ball hard so i dint have to run fast. Never could throw very well as a kid, tho. Wasnt till i was growed that i found it a discipline to learn to throw a ball... mainly for the eventual payoff of dunking the tank-sitters at the fair.

To Nothing.
titlefch nameb, 16 Mei 2005 17:00

To Chrys.
Impressionssynchronized.here Chrys, 09 Mrt 2005 23:38
Now and then i get the impression that everything around me is a stage set and im in someone else's production as some 'extra' and just dont know it yet. What little i think about or worry about really doesnt matter, cuz im not a part of the main story anyway.

To Kyunash.
thats not true Kyunash, 08 Mrt 2006 21:32
there are alot of productions in this world. everyone has their own. you are the main charecter in your production. you might even be the main charecter in someone elses production.

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