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naam: Dragonflight
latijns:aeshna juncea - grote libel
characteristics: i'm a dragonfly. i'm usualy in the sink, but sometimes making enlightened, yet ignored, comments in the boards. or i might just be playing Pet

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what i'd give for a self-dissecting ratrat.here Dragonflight, 03 Jun 2005 22:21
but noooo... we had to do it ourselves. effing science class.

To Alchemist.
Yea, verily! Alchemist, 01 Jun 2006 01:08
I dissected a shark once. Siiiick!

To Dragonflight.
long time no see Dragonflight, 11 Apr 2005 15:59
how long has it been since i've been on? a couple months? anyways, i'm back. anyone miss me?

To Dragonflight.
i understand now!web.here Dragonflight, 15 Feb 2005 20:12
this site is like this web! you made it to catch new bugs, but instead of eating them, you make friends with them.

To Eureka.
You sound like my english teacher Eureka, 19 Apr 2005 17:52
Always reading in more than is there.

The way I see it, whatever you create, some bastard has to rip your web apart.

To Nothing.
loooool fIoU, 10 Dec 2005 15:29
hey ima franzi..the grrek bug.looool

To Dragonflight.
and for those who don't really like vday Dragonflight, 14 Feb 2005 15:14
Happy Singles Awareness Day!


To Dragonflight.
i've failedfail.here Dragonflight, 09 Feb 2005 20:16
at everything, including failure. but that was just a fluke.

To Dragonflight.
one can never havesocks.here Dragonflight, 08 Feb 2005 15:40
too many pairs of new socks

To Dragonflight.
what happened to bugpool?bugpool.here Dragonflight, 04 Feb 2005 17:59
is it still going to be made?

To Dragonflight.
lost and found? Dragonflight, 14 Jan 2005 18:09
i lost the password to my old bug, Strider, which replaced Wanderer. if you remember me as either, well, im back.

To Saga.
sure I remember you, Strider.... Saga, 15 Jan 2005 06:29
and ever grateful you changed bugs. WELCOME BACK!

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