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naam: Emokidrad
latijns:calosoma inquisitor - kleine poppenrover
characteristics: 16, emoish, likes rock, softcore, emo, screamo, alternative, metal music.
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To Emokidrad.
I am the queen Emokidrad, 22 Jul 2006 22:28
today, at 21:25 i was chosen as the queen of the sink. im a nice queen and i wont take over, or be mean. :)

love you all my royal subjects!



To Isidoraignacia.
im princess! Isidoraignacia, 22 Jul 2006 23:01
hey the other day i was chosen as princess!
and i got a crown and everything!

To Poulette.
Wait. Poulette, 22 Jul 2006 23:33
May 24, Berre gave me a crown made of golden leaves. Look:


To Isidoraignacia.
im princess! Isidoraignacia, 22 Jul 2006 23:01
hey the other day i was chosen as princess!
and i got a crown and everything!

To Nothing.
well... brett, 22 Jul 2006 23:27
who's king then?

To Nothing.
why, barf is king ofcourse all hail, 23 Jul 2006 01:14

To Nothing.
ha ha ha dream on , 23 Jul 2006 01:23
barf is a female and has always been queen of the sink in her head

To Nothing.
exactly all hail and dream on, 23 Jul 2006 03:56
barf for king!

To Nothing.
Hi kettle, pot, black, 23 Jul 2006 13:20

To Lelaking.
and oui iz a fair king Lelaking, 23 Jul 2006 15:09
ze three of u! immediately on ze chaingang! all six legs tied up wiz ze extra weight of ur zinzs and go clean out ze wormholez! oui will not aczept any further explanation about ur misbehaviour.

To Salotehawaiii.
All Hail Salotehawaiii, 23 Jul 2006 16:12

To Omena.
hip hop hooray Omena, 23 Jul 2006 16:17
moi bringz ze chainzaw for ze chaingang


To Verynicebug.
Can moi be da royal head chopper ? Verynicebug, 23 Jul 2006 17:10
Off wid their heads ....kerchunk in da basket! kerchunk in da basket! kerchunk in da basket! (need some royal rap music)

To Paranoid.
Get out of my suit immediately ! Paranoid, 23 Jul 2006 17:13
GvD is nothing sacred

To Nothing.
not me, don't roll my head! all hail!! incl pot kettle and twi, 23 Jul 2006 21:07
it is massive and it is bumpy, it won't roll very well. plus I chose you as my king, I get to sit next to you in a little golden basket

To Paranoid.
Well then .... Paranoid, 23 Jul 2006 22:12
I will fit tiny ball bearings and extra small wheels to your head, with some sort of automatic lubrication system (yet to be invented) to allow it to roll smoothly. Every problem has its solution. QED

To Dawn.
ummmm Dawn, 23 Jul 2006 19:44

To Twi.
No. Twi, 23 Jul 2006 19:22
Rosi Butterfly is Queen of The Sink, and you are her subject like us all. :)

To Humanoid.
sodemieter op Humanoid, 23 Jul 2006 19:46
you moron....

To Mrblaat.
Mrblaat, 23 Jul 2006 20:54

To Msblaat.
Pardon? Msblaat, 23 Jul 2006 20:55
I am subject to No One.

To Dawn.
Yes, on the english speaking side! Dawn, 23 Jul 2006 19:47
Rosi is Queen and I believe Elvis is King.

To Chrisharris.
hey this seems quite the crowd puller Chrisharris, 23 Jul 2006 22:18
who do I contact about sponsoring the event?

To Nothing.
Either the King or Queen Spider in Waiting, 23 Jul 2006 22:38
but as there are so many pretenders to the throne, your guess is as good as mine

To Nothing.
Grammarian-in-Waiting name, 23 Jul 2006 22:57
''whOM do I contact...'' iz da pronoun wot iz da objeckt of da voib

To Chrisharris.
yeah, but I am filthy rich Chrisharris, 23 Jul 2006 23:02
and popular

To Msblaat.
Im just Msblaat, 24 Jul 2006 08:38
filthy and popular.

To Mrblaat.
I'M Mrblaat, 24 Jul 2006 14:25
just filthy

To Chrisharris.
plus I question what you are saying Chrisharris, 23 Jul 2006 23:05
I thought 'whom' requires a preposition, oh wait, 'about' later in the sentence might be that sort of a preposition. Hmm.. can I buy you a breeding pony to shut you up? I need to look good and smart in my tailored black silk italian suit and your grammar detector is not helping.

To Omena.
Grammarian-losing-patience with the rich Omena, 23 Jul 2006 23:17
for all you pay me after all my quality tutoring, you're lucky you got that one free! I'm standing behind my assertion with rock-solid (i.e., found on the internet) research...


To Chrisharris.
here, here Chrisharris, 23 Jul 2006 23:43
have a wrestling pony. it comes with little combes and mirrors to maintain its manes.

To Omena.
HRHs are keeping the page-realm free of Omena, 23 Jul 2006 23:10
tech's ass whole dumb poke her

To Rosibutterfly.
We ..... Rosibutterfly, 24 Jul 2006 00:46
are NOT amused !!


To Omena.
yeah but Omena, 24 Jul 2006 01:25
WE are ^^

To Chrisharris.
plus Chrisharris, 24 Jul 2006 03:09
I am really rich

To Msblaat.
And Msblaat, 24 Jul 2006 08:25
I really itch...

To Nothing.
And Hybrid Spider/Ostrich, 24 Jul 2006 08:37
I'm an ostrich

To Msblaat.
i like Msblaat, 24 Jul 2006 08:38
your eggs

To Dawn.
It's no good Rosi...... Dawn, 25 Jul 2006 23:04
I just have to confess. I can't let you take the blame. I am dream on.

To Rosibutterfly.
: ) ... Rosibutterfly, 27 Jul 2006 10:12
awww .. you just spoilt ''kettle, pot, black's'' little flight of fancy .. hihihi

To Emokidrad.
BEN BEN BEN Emokidrad, 28 Jun 2006 15:30
talk to me on msn tonight

To Emokidrad.
Converse Emokidrad, 23 Jun 2006 12:30
The shoes of the world. everyone who is anyone has a pair, and i as am emo i wear my chucks with pride and love. i love my chucks and could not live without them, i have 4 pairs. (one pair signed by razorlight) but alas, the bastards at nike have bought over converse, and now, the beautiful emblem with its 'converse all stars' star, is going to be completely ruined with the replacement, chav, scummy nike tick. this is surely a very sad day for the world of emo, and general chuck wearers. *sob* i will go cry in my little emo corner now. *sob*

sob* visit my myspazz *sob*


To Nothing.
i used to have a pair identity cry!, 23 Jun 2006 18:06
i used to be anyone

To Nothing.
I have two pairs says the dog, 23 Jun 2006 23:17
and I am terribly mainstream...

To Nothing.
sorry I have to rectify the one with two pairs, 24 Jun 2006 23:53
it is not the dog who says, but he says it about me

To Nothing.
5 Converse foreverĀ©, 24 Jun 2006 05:13
Thats how many me's got. And I am not emo! Well, kind of...

To Omena.
Conversely Omena, 24 Jun 2006 17:04
I have none.

To Emokidrad.
Broken computers Emokidrad, 23 Jun 2006 12:24
i am trying to do my graphic communications project but all the free computers are in such a way that i cannot do the task. They crash, they have'nt got the right program etc. etc. i am severely depressed.

To Emokidrad.
Sorry Guys Emokidrad, 20 Jun 2006 15:44
A hem! earlier today..... the lovely ben, aka Elite, logged in using my details and said natsy stuff to all those in the sink... i'd like to apologise, and i'm glad to say the limey bitch is gonig to get a good slap.

much love!!!


To Elite.
People of Nobodyhere! Elite, 20 Jun 2006 15:50
Yes, i am elite, but i assure you, these accusations made by emokidrad are absolute bullshit. She was on the red at that point, and she decided it would be nice to vent her anger in the sink. So you see people, it is not me who is the limey bitch, it is her. Love you, and thank you for listening [x]

To Emokidrad.
LIMEY BITCH Emokidrad, 20 Jun 2006 15:51
ben you twatty little limey bitch. YOU DID!


To Elite.
... Elite, 20 Jun 2006 15:54
Lies, people, it's all lies... I'm sorry for any offence she may have caused you.

To Emokidrad.
Ben.. Emokidrad, 22 Jun 2006 10:04
I'll grind your pretty little face into the pavement unless you shut up.

To Emokidrad.
Proper Words Emokidrad, 15 Jun 2006 13:20
mice is wrong. mouses.
house is wrong. hice.
fish is wrong. fishes.
sheep is wrong. sheeps.

any other corrections for our new dictionary??

To Dawn.
Baaa sheeps Dawn, 15 Jun 2006 14:29
sounds right to me :)

To Killerbunnies.
Words Killerbunnies, 15 Jun 2006 18:11
Peck->pack. So Peter Piper picked a PACK of peppers.

To Nothing.
bish bash bosh, 15 Jun 2006 19:04
I'm not a pheasant plucker I'm a pheasant pluckers son I've come to pluck the pheasants till the pheasant pluckers come.

To Nothing.
oh you... Pleasant Fuckers Plucker, 16 Jun 2006 08:37
show off for not saying Fucker...

To Elite.
hey emokidrad!! Elite, 15 Jun 2006 19:42
hey, it's Ben (elite). nice grammer there! you speak the truth though, there are mouses in hice!! I shall c you 2mz in product design, and hopefully we shall be able to have anotha random chat wiv some wierd people who go to work and stuff and junk... lol c ya xxx

To Emokidrad.
Ben.... Emokidrad, 14 Jun 2006 10:40
stop getting so over extied about the hermit crab...


To Nothing.
The hermit crab is brilliant though... Elite000799, 14 Jun 2006 10:44
You have not yet discovered the joys of the little hermit crab? Shame on you!

To Nothing.
Everybody loves Herman... Elite000799, 14 Jun 2006 10:45
...well, I do , at least...

To Emoqueen.
you do... Emoqueen, 14 Jun 2006 18:41
ok ok... herman rocks my world.... :)

To Urbancamo.
Emo Kids... Urbancamo, 14 Jun 2006 19:57
Watch this video...


To Elite.
I love herman Elite, 15 Jun 2006 20:21
i also love the guy who made this site, he's a genius! hello kirsten!!

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