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naam: Essie
latijns:lestes viridis
characteristics: loves anything green.

To Essie.
Congrats to the USA! Essie, 04 Nov 2004 06:20
Our president, George W. Bush, has just won the popular vote.. meaning he has won re-election to his second term!! (oh and, electoral voted arent til december, but it's forseen that theres already enough so that he will win that too)


To Nothing.
name, 04 Nov 2004 10:29
oh fantastic. the fascist is back, bigger and badder than ever.

To Nothing.
name, 04 Nov 2004 10:31
right wing christianity - what an oxymoron

To Nothing.
so then what did it mean flunked out of Electoral College, 04 Nov 2004 18:26
in 2000 when GWB lost the popular election by over a half million votes?

To Essie.
hehecorners.here Essie, 02 Nov 2004 07:32
cute.. very cute.

To Essie.
my first post!!!! Essie, 02 Nov 2004 05:08
wheeee!!! I'm a dragonfly!!! I LOVE dragonflies!!!! ..hehe, and it don't matter that i waited two days for the bug things to change so i could BE one, cuz now I AM one!!!

oh, and heres the place that led me here:


To Shasta.
Hi Essie... Shasta, 02 Nov 2004 06:24
Welcome! Nice site you for which you posted the url. I've put it in my favorites. Looks like lots of funny things....I especially liked the political jokes....but then again, I'm a right winger! And...dragonflies are cooool! Glad you got to 'be one.' Talk to ya again soon.

To Zeaddict.
Use your head Zeaddict, 02 Nov 2004 09:52
and vote for Kerry

To Essie.
oh? ..I think you Essie, 03 Nov 2004 05:42
misspelled that, it's ''LOSE your head and vote for Kerry''

To Shasta.
NEVER Shasta, 05 Nov 2004 05:26
If Kerry were the last man on earth, I still wouldn't vote for him. He and his frumpy wife, are everything I HATE in dishonest, Leftist-Liberals. I may not agree with W on every issue, but his honesty, integrity, steadfastness, faith in God and love for his fellow countryman is everything this country was founded on over 200 years ago. Time to get back to the basics. :)

To Essie.
Shasta!!! Essie, 03 Nov 2004 05:37
what a cool name! ..have you, by any chance, read any of the 'Chronicles of Narnia' by C.S. Lewis?? because theres a character named shasta in one of the books..

heh, actually, the founder of the RI is more of a libertarian.. it's just.. since it's a site for homeschoolers, naturally most of us tend to be republicans.

To Shasta.
Hi Essie Shasta, 05 Nov 2004 05:36
No I haven't read his Chronicles. Although CS Lewis is coool. I adoped it after a friend named her horse Shasta, many years ago. Might explain why I, as a proud Republican and a believer/endorser of home schooling, feel that I have plenty of 'horse sense'. ;)

To Nothing.
Republicans? Wow, you are stupid, 03 Nov 2004 08:54
Are you mother fucking suicidal?

To Mork.
Ha! Mork, 03 Nov 2004 15:35
Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!
I can't help it -- it's so neat to see you little pukes stewing in your juices

To Essie.
oh really? so why Essie, 04 Nov 2004 06:54
are you such a coward that you have to hide behind your little anonymous mite mask?? eh?
..mites.. they are SO disrespectful..

To Shasta.
Typical Shasta, 05 Nov 2004 05:30
Yeah...typical of a stinkin' democratic liberal.
Why don't ya move to a non-democratic country and see how you like it! In fact, I'll buy your ticket outta here! Lousy mite.

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