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naam: Gumbo
latijns:cixius nervosus

To Gumbo.
socksholes.here Gumbo, 17 Okt 2008 19:52
without socks holes appear in the universe and all the bugs escape

To Magician.
General Relativity and Socks Magician, 28 Okt 2008 02:47
Are the socks the patches to the holes in the universe or do they emit an aura that keeps the universe from sprouting holes?

To Gumbo.
lost Gumbo, 17 Okt 2008 10:54
i am lost, have you found me?

To Nozemineenjas.
I got nuttin' Nozemineenjas, 18 Okt 2008 03:27

To Nothing.
found this: cook it up from there, 18 Okt 2008 22:06

To Nothing.
I know this old guy multigenerational epicurean, 19 Okt 2008 10:15
He's absolutely convinced that gumbo is some sort of bread-like thing, something solid made with grits and chicken. He looks at me like I'm crazy when I insist that it's a stew. Oh, and he says there can't be okra in it. No rice either. I don't know if he's pulling my leg, or if this strange version of gumbo actually exists somewhere south of here. Or maybe he's gone senile. He is 72.

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