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naam: Hayden
latijns:hoplia farinosa

To Hayden.
Some bugs Hayden, 21 Jan 2006 06:21
are about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

To Salote.
if ya mean me! Salote, 21 Jan 2006 18:53
you're right! Send me prezzies!!

To Hayden.
No, actually, I was referring Hayden, 21 Jan 2006 23:00
to somebody in the sink. Happy 3 years. All pretty bug choices.

To Hayden.
Another vanishing post from Runnynoze. Hayden, 20 Jan 2006 15:42
Well, quel surprise! He can dish it out, but he sure can't take it. Hhmmm -- this is getting curiouser and curiouser.... heh heh heh.

To Artetaos.
heh heh heh? Artetaos, 20 Jan 2006 17:16
does that mean all this is funny? Quel horreur, I missed my cue to laugh with you. But then, I could always laugh AT you :)

To Hayden.
No skin off my nose Hayden, 20 Jan 2006 20:26
if ya did laugh, so yuk it up all you like. I love the sound of laughter.

To Nothing.
Hayden, i love you! name, 20 Jan 2006 17:41
Such a great sense of humor, such a sophisticated way to express: you are a genuine enrichment to the sink!

To Hayden.
Why, thank you. Hayden, 20 Jan 2006 20:28

To Nothing.
Yeah, tell me about it. Jane Benedict posts again, 20 Jan 2006 20:55
I think Jogchem the site owner should stop this runny-nosed little creep from deleting bug's messages. Imagine if every bug did that. We'd all see a blank, white screen!

To Hayden.
I heartily agree. Hayden, 20 Jan 2006 22:53

To Runnynoze.
Another? Runnynoze, 27 Jan 2006 19:30
I only turn the wipers on to remove filth.
If you cannot express yourself in a manner that is not offensive to an intelligent insect, why then should your inane scribblings be displayed anywhere except under a rock where you live?


To Nothing.
Hey Shut it spotty, 28 Jan 2006 09:51
spotty arse is on his soap box again

To Nothing.
Always trying to censor and another tut, 28 Jan 2006 10:29

To Hayden.
Poor fat, dickless Runnynoze... Hayden, 19 Jan 2006 23:08
The only way he can feel the slightest bit virile is to tell others what to do. Well, a lot of us HAVE registered, ass-face, but still won't play your game. If you want stooges, look elsewhere, you sanctimonious tyrant-wanna-be. I'm so afraid of you that I yawned 50 times in a row. I will step on thee and burst you with a full can of Raid. www.ally.mack.hayden.com

To Rip.
Oh, My! Rip, 19 Jan 2006 23:23
Someone is feeling a little cranky today. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

To Nothing.
J'accuse Torquemada I, 20 Jan 2006 00:24
Runnynoze of having a fat and spotty arse. Delete this if you can bloated one ... ha !

To Bombterre.
no Bombterre, 20 Jan 2006 02:05
Hayden, you need some serious attitude adjustment. This site was not created so people like you can badmouth other bugs. If you want to do this, go elsewhere but I know a few bugs who will not tolerate things like this.

To Nothing.
Hayden can say as he likes. Jane Benedict, 20 Jan 2006 02:23
We all have the right to express our opinions on the splats - mites or bugs, even if mine get routinely deleted, well bollocks heh.

To Nothing.
and what makes you think berre blows a fuse, 20 Jan 2006 03:54
bombterre that you can tell other bugs what this site was or was not created for? did you create it? talk about attitude adjustments...

To Bombterre.
Peace Bombterre, 20 Jan 2006 05:35
What's up?!? Why do you have to constantly encourage things like that? It's people who can't just manage they're anger that cause such hate in this world. This site was created as a form of art, for a class. What you are saying is not a form of art. It is a form of hate.

To Bluebuggy.
whoa nelly Bluebuggy, 20 Jan 2006 05:40
i think he is just trying to get the mites to get a bug, so we can tell them apart in chat. no need to burst. your a very nice bug, you shouldn't be that harsh. :)

To Bluebuggy.
breath in, breath out. feel beter? Bluebuggy, 20 Jan 2006 05:44
everyone should start chillin. :)

To Artetaos.
hayden, dear.. Artetaos, 20 Jan 2006 06:21
before you fall asleep from all that yawning, look up projection in the dictionary.. it might help with all your issues; good luck!

To Stretch.
Hello Arte Stretch, 20 Jan 2006 06:30
You never call me dear?

To Artetaos.
awww...! Artetaos, 20 Jan 2006 07:16
but you are the one that gets a free spanking :)) (without having to look up fancy words in dictionaries )

To Stretch.
Ohhhh yessssss Stretch, 20 Jan 2006 08:08
I have been bad...*nods*...you will be gentle with me mistress...will you be wearing anything leather Arte....*lick*

To Hayden.
Hardly (we studied abnormal Hayden, 20 Jan 2006 07:46
psychology in college) but thanks for thinking of me.

To Hayden.
Test message Hayden, 09 Jan 2006 03:57
(insert image of Test Pattern here)

To Omena.
done! Omena, 09 Jan 2006 05:22
on to Part 2 of the test now, please.


To Hayden.
Impressive! Hayden, 09 Jan 2006 06:07
I only talked the talk, but you walked the walk! :)

To Squirrelly.
hey Squirrelly, 09 Jan 2006 20:15
who are you?!?

To Wahoo.
Who?? Wahoo, 09 Jan 2006 21:53
Squirrelly you have a clone.. Welcome back!

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