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naam: Isidoraignacia
latijns:hemaris fuciformis - grasvleugelpijlstaart
characteristics: just call me RED or MR.FISH!

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To Isidoraignacia.
-- Isidoraignacia, 29 Jul 2007 17:48
anyone want to join me in the sink?

To Isidoraignacia.
im 16! Isidoraignacia, 28 Jul 2007 21:13
yes iv officaially finally been 16 for a week now! sorry i couldnt get on the sink last saturday to celebratee but my internet was down :(!
i miss all of you so muchh: pou, brett, dino, blue.

muchhhh lovee, redd.

To Oggy.
hehehehe im 16 too Oggy, 28 Jul 2007 22:33
i terned 16 in june

To Bufanda.
=D Bufanda, 29 Jul 2007 02:28
Happy, happy birthday to you, Red! I hope you had a nice day. See you in the sink? Kisses. -Poulette

To Stretch.
happy b-day to you Stretch, 03 Aug 2007 04:57
and sweet 16 too....you have a good one

To Isidoraignacia.
its been a while Isidoraignacia, 11 Mei 2007 19:01
just stopping by to say hi to everyone!
well i hope everyones been goood! (:
iv missed you all terribbly.

To Flyingsallymanda.
hey there Flyingsallymanda, 12 Mei 2007 02:47
you look familiar...

To Bufanda.
=) Bufanda, 12 Mei 2007 06:06
Red! Hope to see you around soon. Kisses -Poulette (in winter suit)

To Isidoraignacia.
poullette Isidoraignacia, 12 Mei 2007 07:22
aww i always did love that winter suit. im glad its out again :)

To Isidoraignacia.
i think Isidoraignacia, 29 Dec 2006 22:27
i met someone.

To Redsboy.
I do hope so. Redsboy, 31 Dec 2006 19:41
I'll keep my fingers crossed.

To Isidoraignacia.
DINO! Isidoraignacia, 20 Dec 2006 22:32
iv missedd youuu! how are youuu?!

To Poulette.
=D Poulette, 20 Dec 2006 22:45
Dinasor, and Red!! Where on earth have you been?! Welcome back, dears. =)


To Isidoraignacia.
ayudemos Isidoraignacia, 02 Dec 2006 04:29
a la teleton con todo el corazon! ♥ los ni-os nos necesitan!

To Isidoraignacia.
-- Isidoraignacia, 30 Nov 2006 02:39
its like you have all these dreams and plans for the future, but then someone comes along with a big fat ''NO!'' and shoves it in your face.

To Redsboy.
That's just the way life is. Redsboy, 30 Nov 2006 03:09
Everyone, sooner or later, has this happen. And it will happen more than once to you - you're young. What counts is what you do about it. Do you sit in the corner, suck your thumb and whimper, or do you look for alternatives? If you become an habitual ''corner sitter'' you are gonna have a long, disappointing, frustrating life. Look for alternatives and make your life challenging. (Fiction and fact, from Karl's almanac)

To Satinne.
you're ... Satinne, 30 Nov 2006 13:39
a very wise knight Sir Karl!! But, once a knight is enough! (sorry, couldn't help myself..)

To Redsboy.
True! Redsboy, 30 Nov 2006 18:13
But if it's a VERY good knight, once may be ''enough'' but you'll never be satisfied with ''just enough.'' It's not whatcha does; it's how ya does it.

To Isidoraignacia.
- Isidoraignacia, 10 Nov 2006 03:46
keep your head high girgious,
theres people that would kill to see you down.

To Isidoraignacia.
one Isidoraignacia, 02 Nov 2006 01:23
you walk by. my speach is empared. oxygen is no longer flowing to my hear. feet glued to the ground. will you notice me or simply walk right by? my heart is beating faster. your walking in this direction. can i make a run for it, no ill probably trip over somethign and fall. do i just turn and tlk to someone else? no then youll think im ignoring you. shit your getting closer. what do i do? im getting red, i feel my cheecks burning up. if you talk to me my voice will be scratchy i knwo it will, im not getting any air. i cant swallow. your right there, walking twoards this end of the hall.

To Isidoraignacia.
two Isidoraignacia, 02 Nov 2006 01:23
i want to screem my lungs are crying out for air! one, two, your getting closer, two and a half, two and three quorters, three. your infront of me. greeting me with a simple hi, and i am able to cover up these emotions, but not the butterflies in my stomach the ones yu bring everytime you come close. their making me smile and whats this, your smiling back. you leave, i breath out and relax. i wisper an iloveyou as i walk in the other direction twoards my friends.

To Nothing.
nice... some jaded lover, 02 Nov 2006 01:34
If only it were always that easy...

To Englishbob.
Learning to SPEEL..... Englishbob, 02 Nov 2006 09:39
Would probably help quite a bit. Sorry, old fashioned I know.It might give you more confidence then you could actually TALK to him

To Isidoraignacia.
title Isidoraignacia, 01 Nov 2006 18:34
dirty babe you see these shakells abbay im your slave ill elt you whip me if i miss behave its just that no one makes me feel this way.

To Ladybugsfirst.
omg Ladybugsfirst, 01 Nov 2006 21:10
I love thish song!!!

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