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naam: Kattyismyname
latijns:smerinthus ocellatus b - pauwoogpijlstaart

To Kattyismyname.
lonelyeyeball.here Kattyismyname, 17 Okt 2016 19:03
What do I do if I'm lonely? I need answers, soon, at least.

To Amarok.
Make Love Amarok, 22 Okt 2016 15:37
To Yourself
literally and figuratively.
Meditation is a very good start.

To Lionoh.
I'll bury myself somewhere like here Lionoh, 15 Nov 2016 12:58
You know. I am under the impression that I know you all, from somewhere, and you know me. I will cut the slack the site deserves. A stanley knife will come in handy. Deal with your problems. I will deal with mine. IT has to end this way.

To Veronicaaplusb.
lonely Veronicaaplusb, 08 Nov 2016 08:10
I think that if you feel lonely it´s because you haven´t learn to be with yourself. And then you must feel part of the nature, and people, and realize that there´s so much in yourself. You won´t feel alone, you aren´t. You are a part of everything in the cosmos (:

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