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naam: Kenia
latijns:dendrolimus pini - dennespinner

To Kenia.
Nobody herepool.here Kenia, 15 Okt 2014 03:16
Just us..


To Kenia.
Yes people Kenia, 15 Okt 2014 03:00
I want more yes people into my life

To Nothing.
Context: ... Joss, 15 Okt 2014 03:34
yes, as in a very positive chat. Yes! to that! Obrigado!

To Kenia.
De nada :) Kenia, 15 Okt 2014 16:50
Singularity, you are unique, i am unique, he/she is unique. Thats the beauty of life.

To Nothing.
huh Genius, 15 Okt 2014 09:40
yes people are a myth.

To Kenia.
huh Kenia, 15 Okt 2014 16:51
I exist

To Nothing.
... Genius, 15 Okt 2014 19:15
i don't.

To Nothing.
i just want... Genius, 15 Okt 2014 23:16
to live...
but how does money work?
or could i really just go naked to the forest between the farmland and the highway and draw pictures with a stick on the ground?

To Kenia.
you really could Kenia, 16 Okt 2014 20:04
do that, but we know that you not gonna have a good reaction in return

To Nothing.
''yeah, Genius, 18 Okt 2014 05:34
we could build forts, civilization deflection shields, scream as loud as we'd wish, and do lots of other crazy stuff! let's go!''

that's what a yes person would say. yes people are a myth.

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