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naam: Killerbunnies
latijns:formica fusca f 2
characteristics: Brown haired, determined, lonely, deep-thinking, clever, crazy and annoying at times, mixed up, alone, easily depressed, practically untrustworthy, friendless in this world, has no one, all alone, is not like anyone you've ever met or liked by any of them.

UPDATE: With now slightly improved not-emo-ness!

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To Killerbunnies.
Ah.boredom.here Killerbunnies, 15 Jun 2006 18:14
I get it now. That word is ''emptyness.''


I still don't get it.

To Killerbunnies.
Soul Searchsearch.here Killerbunnies, 02 Apr 2006 23:05
Well, if any of you noticed, the title of the page was ''Soul Searching.'' There isn't much more I can do to explain this thought to you, but merely say the phase, for just the sound the words is good enough to spark the true meaning.

Personally, I perfer Google, *Still Talking

To Nozemineenjas.
question: Nozemineenjas, 03 Apr 2006 02:15
are you still talking?

To Killerbunnies.
OH MY. Killerbunnies, 07 Apr 2006 00:31

To Nozemineenjas.
not so much listening Nozemineenjas, 07 Apr 2006 03:25
as wondering if you are still talking, like you promised.

To Killerbunnies.
Still... Killerbunnies, 10 Apr 2006 00:16
It's almost listening. Yep yep yep.

To Nozemineenjas.
precisely: almost Nozemineenjas, 13 Apr 2006 02:37
I make a point of that

To Killerbunnies.
''Ouch!''ouch.here Killerbunnies, 02 Apr 2006 22:59
This could take many roads. Does this mean you are too lazy to even say ''Ouch!'' ? Does it mean you don't show enough emotion to say ''Ouch!'' ? Do you think instead of screaming ''AHHHH! MY TOOOOE!!'' and throwing things, we should just vent with an activity? (Like writing.) Or perhaps that your reflex is to write about something before you act about it.

Either way, it will involve a ''Ouch!'', guarenteed, *Still Talking

To Killerbunnies.
The Sink is as Great Place to Meet... Killerbunnies, 01 Apr 2006 21:41
...bugs! I met one called ''MP'' who is not from China. CONTACT ME NOW! *Still Talking,

To Moneypenny.
Hmm Moneypenny, 02 Apr 2006 08:04
I wouldn't trust anybody who calls themselves MP. Best to stay away from bugs like that. Especially when they are not from China

To Killerbunnies.
*pushes phone ''Messages'' button*messages.here Killerbunnies, 01 Apr 2006 21:16
There are no new messages... no one likes you enough to call. There are no new messages... you take the anger out on the phone. There are no new messages... why don't you just stop trying to get a friend and DIE?!?! There are no new messages... you're worthless. There are no new messages.., you have no friends. There are no new messages... just GO AWAY. There are no new messages... leave me alone, freak! There are no new messgaes... go do us a favor and shoot yourself! There are no new messages... There are no new messages... *stab noises* There are no new messages... There are no new messages......................................................................................... There is one new message. Message one: ''Hello? Nobody? Please, you mean ALOT to me. Don't listen to them, and don't give up! I promise you, things will get better. *sigh* Please Nobody, don't. Bye. And remember, you DO have friends.'' End of message. *Still Talking,

To Redsboy.
Discovers. . . Redsboy, 02 Apr 2006 03:45
phone connection has been pulled out of its socket. When in dispair, always look for a simple solution first.

To Nothing.
what sloth, 06 Jun 2006 10:43
what is that about?

To Killerbunnies.
Build, build, buildcards.here Killerbunnies, 01 Apr 2006 20:59
Wow, it feels good to get up feeling blue and listen to some Jason Mraz and analyze some Nobody.

This is just like the bear one, when you work hard to build higher, higher, higher, a better life, a strong family... and it is all knocked down by a simple prod, from drugs, from violence, from smoking, from drinking, from fighting, from religon.

Also,l a nothing bug eariler said ''The only things not left unfinished are the things we never start,'' which is a debatable statement. If something is not unfinished, that means it is finished, meaning the things we DO start are always unfinished. Although this is true in many ways, certain beliefs would ex this out. Life would be over, or something, like childhood. But for me, reincarnation and inner-immituraty will live on forever. *Still Talking,

To Killerbunnies.
Lovecouple.here Killerbunnies, 31 Dec 2005 01:08
Love! Love is what you want? Get your love, right here! We've got Hot Love, Wild Love, Worried Love, Untrue Love, Impulsive Love, and the ever-so-popular Forced Love! Now try to relize that I wasn't selling true love.-True love is a delicate thing: easy to miss or passb, but when you find it and catch it, it'll never break. Nobody, do you want one million girls who don't care about you, or would you rather have one girl that really loves the real you, with all faults? It could be months, years, decades, but are you willing to wait? She may be ugly, or unwilling, or untrusting, but would you have the patitence for her to get better? Would you give all you can for her, if you knew she was true in all she did? Love is a tainted, flawed, horrid, yet beautiful thing. Not everyone gets it. So when you see that couple, either be proud for their finding each other, be hopeful that, one day, you'll be there, or laugh your socks off, as you can easily see that they aren't in true love. *Still Talking,

To Rattrap.
Give me the one million girls... Rattrap, 31 Dec 2005 05:26

To Nothing.
Rattrap Orgasmo, 26 Aug 2006 00:58
Sex helps you forget that you are lonely for a short while!!! But embrace it, if you want to give up love for a few orgasms then good for you (We're not worthy, we're not worthy....)

To Joeybbell.
welcome back! fellow fanatic..... Joeybbell, 01 Jan 2006 22:30
......... and a happy 2006 ...........

To Killerbunnies.
^_^ Killerbunnies, 07 Apr 2006 00:33
Umm, thanks! (Who are you again?)

To Nothing.
L-Bomb Outside_Lookin_In, 23 Jun 2006 10:45
love is perfect. thats the beauty of it. love is not tainted and never flawed. our many forms of fear is what destroys our ability to love completely. when i can overcome ALL my fears, then and only then can i experience pure love.

To Daisynorth.
titlelove Daisynorth, 19 Aug 2006 02:20
text i love what you have to say about love..that's all

To Killerbunnies.
... Killerbunnies, 08 Aug 2007 04:33
I should rewrite this,now that I've experience true love.

Maybe later.

To Killerbunnies.
Miss me? Killerbunnies, 31 Dec 2005 00:32
Lol, when was I last on? Not last but the one before August? Wow, I have been ignoring this site so very much. Then again, the emails from this site never seem to reach me... how very strange...

Now, I will not go on about how my life is in this post, but will when I need to. Who knows; I may write daily. Friends of old: come back in; Help me find my past kin.

Soooo... whazzup?*

*Still talking,

To Killerbunnies.
What We Thinkchange.here Killerbunnies, 30 Aug 2005 00:36
We all think that change will make us happier.
''What if I had gotten that job, instead of John?''
''What if that bus hadn't came late?''
''What if I had number 22?''
What if, what if, what if. If this had happened, I would be happier, more sucessful, more loved, powerful, rich, on and on, blah blah blah. Life would be perfect if it went your way. But that's just it. If it always went your way, what would be intresting about life? It would be the same old, same old. Everyday, perfect. No fun. That's why life is imperfect, to be intresting. And why is it hard? And hurtful? Well, that's OUR faults, now isn't it?

To Solitairemarr.
I Agree... Solitairemarr, 30 Aug 2005 01:45
Exept for one thing, it might not be our faults the day would be hard... or hurt. It could be sombody elses fault. Or somthings fault... but yes, people do make mistakes.

To Killerbunnies.
Faults Killerbunnies, 31 Dec 2005 00:33
Oh, true, very true. I'm sorry I left that out. Thanks! *Still talking,

To Nothing.
amal riwany, 15 Jan 2007 11:51
d ont count your chekens before thiey are hatched

To Killerbunnies.
Oh my...energy.here Killerbunnies, 30 Aug 2005 00:31
I cannot think right now, it's like the message went in one ear and out the other...*braindead zombie-mess* Well, I say that... hmm. This engergy that everyone doesn't have... does it even exsist? Will we even HAVE that spasm on the death bed? I think that we won't. And don't. That energy, that we say we're saving by inventing things to make us lazier is just our laziness talking, and that the energy is slowly draining out of us, until it's there no more.

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