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naam: Kreativkc
latijns:hypoderma bovis - runderhorzel
characteristics: >(:))))))))))))))))

Millipedes rule.

Y@_ SNAILS are kewl too !

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To Kreativkc.
fingers?toes.here Kreativkc, 20 Jan 2008 17:07
Any extra fingers yet ?

To Berresque.
Berresque, 22 Jan 2008 18:54


To Nothing.
uhh??? bailey, 29 Apr 2008 16:19
Thats not wierd at all... ://

To Nothing.
uhh??? bailey, 29 Apr 2008 16:19
Thats not wierd at all... ://

To Kreativkc.
parts that need to leaveapart.here Kreativkc, 05 Jan 2008 18:04
I have some body parts that I wish WOULD leave, like a wart, and some fat cells.

To Kreativkc.
dreams are like wormsdreaming.here Kreativkc, 28 Mei 2005 22:00
doodle on

To Kreativkc.
more fisheating.here Kreativkc, 11 Feb 2005 04:13
there is something very fishy about this page

To Kreativkc.
origamilife.here Kreativkc, 06 Feb 2005 18:45
origami is kewl

To Pruiushead.
origami Pruiushead, 06 Feb 2005 19:25
drunken origami? I discovered the other night that you should never ever do origami when drunk......

To Kreativkc.
fishy?eating.here Kreativkc, 29 Mei 2004 18:07
There seems to be something fishy going on here

To Nothing.
poooooh! name, 16 Sep 2005 10:17
something definitely smells off

To Kreativkc.
linkslinks.here Kreativkc, 01 Jan 2003 22:51
LINKS are part of a CHAIN. They can suspend you, or keep you confined, or be worn as a status symbol.

To Joeybbell.
Technology tells ALL Joeybbell, 22 Feb 2003 12:02
sooner or later we'll understand enough
eventually I'll explain it to you...
are we a technocratic destiny?
with bells and whistles
pretty ribbons wave in the aether streaming infinite from our chrystal ships...pppppppppppppp

To Mechanic.
chains Mechanic, 25 Mrt 2003 10:05
..or they could do something USEFUL.
If there is evil, it is in the sacred mind of Man. If there is good, likewise.

Are you ready to die?
If not, why not?
Fix it. Now.


To Nothing.
friend from the kooteneys kristy at woundig is cool, 26 Mrt 2003 06:27
how right you are

To Kreativkc.
you never knowbox.here Kreativkc, 01 Jan 2003 21:11
just because you don't know what will happen, doesn't mean that anything will happen. nothing can happen. something can happen. eternity ends?

To Kreativkc.
permission to sleepsynchronized.here Kreativkc, 01 Jan 2003 21:02
yes, you may go to sleep now. You have worked hard on these awesome web pages, and deserve a short rest. But not too long a nap, for the bugs are waiting......

To Kreativkc.
trianglestower.here Kreativkc, 01 Jan 2003 20:43
triangles are good

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