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naam: Lisal
latijns:plagionotus detritus

To Lisal.
hey!!answer.here Lisal, 09 Dec 2002 19:57
i'm really impressed by your site!! can you give me any advises for creating my own page?? for example the stuff whith the hearts? how did you make this? i look really forward to hear from you!! thanks's lisi

To Marlies.
hey too Marlies, 10 Dec 2002 19:45
welcome, you've created your own page right now here at nobodyhere. for futher explanation you can go to jogchem i think. he is the creator and I think the owner of all this stuff.
go to the insects, or Ithink in English it's the bugs and look at the pages some people have added behind theire name, there is good stuff too.

To Nothing.
vlieg claire, 10 Dec 2002 20:28
ik heb informatie over de vlieg nodig maar ik kan het nergens vinnden ik kom hier dus echt noooooit meer

To Nothing.
Add your name here Name, 19 Feb 2003 19:20
Yes !

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