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naam: Mandikat
latijns:calopterix virgo m - gewone beekjuffer
characteristics: Cute, but deadly. Okay, both are generally lies.

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To Mandikat.
Wow.holes.here Mandikat, 14 Dec 2005 15:26
I swear, there's someone out there doing this to me.


To Sourgirl.
= l Sourgirl, 14 Dec 2005 18:38
wasn´t me...

To Bufanda.
moths... Bufanda, 07 Mrt 2006 01:48
we love socks too

To Mandikat.
O_oconversation.here Mandikat, 19 Sep 2005 20:00
Can someone interrupt themselves?


To Mandikat.
Wait until you're about to die.farewell.here Mandikat, 19 Sep 2005 19:58
How very ironic.


To Mandikat.
Hmmm...do.here Mandikat, 19 Sep 2005 19:53
I've got a voice like that. It's my mom's.


To Insomniac.
heheh Insomniac, 21 Sep 2005 19:42
me too..... i wanna move out....

To Mandikat.
wow...vagabond.here Mandikat, 15 Mrt 2005 18:20
20 Euros for some coffee? I mean, I'm not too familiar with the exchange rate, but that seems a bit much.


To Ridiculous.
Hey i looked on Ridiculous, 16 Mrt 2005 14:19
your site i think its brilliant

To Brilliant.
Thats Brilliant, 16 Mrt 2005 14:25

To Lilithlitha.
who spoke of coffee? Lilithlitha, 18 Apr 2007 20:39
Silly guy, he talked about ''white stuff'' and then 20 Euro is not too much. What planet did you com from?

To Mandikat.
*sigh*apologies.here Mandikat, 25 Feb 2005 17:55
I feel much better now.


To Mandikat.
You guys!dance.here Mandikat, 25 Feb 2005 17:42
This is quite possibly the best thing ever. Wait... yes. best thing ever.


To Mandikat.
Hmm.soap.here Mandikat, 25 Feb 2005 17:39
Sometimes I feel like that little unusable bar of soap. Wait. No I don't.


To Mandikat.
Hmm.bear.here Mandikat, 11 Feb 2005 17:15
I'm thinking I'm just not in the mood for this. What a clever program. Really. I'll have to come back when I'm feeling sadistic.

It takes a long time to charge an ipod.


To Nothing.
so sweet arisha, 15 Feb 2005 19:53
hello! hru

To Nothing.
sweet mamol, 17 Feb 2005 07:16
it was sweet

To Mandikat.
Problems must be addressedproblem.here Mandikat, 04 Feb 2005 17:18
So write them down and send them to:

George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

I'm sure he'd Loooove to hear them.

''My toe's itchy.''
''My boyfriend's mean.''
''Should I get this lump checked out?''


To Nothing.
murdoch, 04 Feb 2005 17:33
riggggggggggght. i get it now. silly me.

To Nothing.
~*-_-*~DuMb bLoNdE~*-_-*~, 18 Jun 2005 09:05
Wait... I don't get it

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