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To Mfg.
is it fate?vagabond.here Mfg, 25 Jul 2004 10:04
some people just born lucky. they have a rich, happy parents. somee people born already defeated. this is called fate. is this fair??
when the people see these vagabonds, failures of the system, people just run away. dont look them, dont involve them, they are shit, fuck them, run away. so, is it fate, doom, destiny, chance, kader, kismet...?!

To Nothing.
Gilgamesh Rendered in 3D Minotaur, 06 Aug 2004 21:47
To be the hero.
To know that your steps are guided by divine providence toward a goal that others dare not attempt.
To wear the mantle of honor and glory.
To live forever as an ideal to others.
To waste away sitting on the couch playing XBox until your eyes hurt.

To Mfg.
not fat but overweightfat.here Mfg, 24 Jul 2004 01:33
i am not fat but i like fat people. generally they are funny guys with a great sense of humor (except those bear jokes:) and yeah i think plumpy (not fat, not thin, more likely to be called fat) girls are more attractive then the others.

To Mfg.
fishs are small and wetfish.here Mfg, 23 Jul 2004 20:45
i want to have a pet that may be holded, stroked. fishes are not my type. maybe cat or dog would do.

To Mork.
Who said you can't pet fish? Mork, 24 Jul 2004 05:08
I've had Charlie in my front pocket for years. Sure, he smells a bit, but it gives me comfort stroking his rubbery scales as I walk along whistling a merry tune.

To Rosibutterfly.
LOL ... Rosibutterfly, 24 Jul 2004 11:42
... does he eat pickles too?

To Dawn.
I had a fish.... Dawn, 24 Jul 2004 12:40
his name was Spot, he lived in the pond at the bottom of my garden. He was in there for about 8 years. The morning I found him dead and floating on the surface of the water, I cried. I had never stroked him or hugged him, but we had many early morning conversations about the weather and how hungry he was, how many frogs had moved in temporarily to leave their spawn and making appointments to clean out his pond. When I think back these conversations were very one sided. At the Aquatic Centre where I bought him they told me he was a Comet, but now I hope he is an Angel Fish :)


To Mfg.
lovely fish Mfg, 24 Jul 2004 17:20
i have never thought this way. you are right dawn. but, hey then fish is still not a ''pet''. it is like a plant. you know, you may have one-sided with a plant. so (as aristoteles logic says) fish=plant

To Dawn.
He was cute..... Dawn, 24 Jul 2004 18:09
and a great listener :) He definitely had a mind of his own, he would go right to the bottom of the pond when he saw me come with the net to get him out of the pond when it needed cleaning. I never managed to net him until we were down to the last few inches of water in his pond.

To Mfg.
trainspottingcow.here Mfg, 23 Jul 2004 20:32
you know cows. people can easily figure out cows but we cannot easily understand each other.
i love being myself, although i still dont know ''why'' i live.

To Saga.
Oh please help... Saga, 24 Jul 2004 01:35
I can figure out people, but can't for the life of me figure out the mystique of cows! What are they all thinking?

To Mfg.
the answer Mfg, 24 Jul 2004 17:16
...is that they DO NOT think. they are just...trainspotting

To Saga.
welll.... Saga, 25 Jul 2004 22:06
I have potted lots of trains in my life and not ONCE did it make me feel (or non-think) like a cow. *darn*

To Mfg.
no time...book.here Mfg, 22 Jul 2004 19:50
...to write a book.
i have to live the life.
maybe i will write it after my life.

To Mfg.
chestshell.here Mfg, 22 Jul 2004 19:42
shell or chest, doesnt matter.
all of
keep our
inside it
some days
we open our shells (chests)
feel the same

To Mfg.
showersoap.here Mfg, 22 Jul 2004 19:36
it may be a little annoying when you are taking shower. the pile of soap doesnt let the water and the dirty water starts piling up.

To Nothing.
shower Eddie the Eagle, 23 Jul 2004 04:08
There is a shower of shit about to fall upon your head. Watch out for low flying birds

To Nothing.
fuckyou stupid noob ANTI-NOOB, 21 Nov 2004 13:28

To Mfg.
warmthintimate.here Mfg, 22 Jul 2004 17:14
intimacy is feeling the same thing
and it is like the warmth of the bed in a cold winter night

To Nothing.
warmth Fritz the Cat, 22 Jul 2004 21:17
Happiness is waking up beside a nice warm woman in a nice warm bed!

To Mfg.
do not consider to act; just actdo.here Mfg, 22 Jul 2004 17:08
i dont know what you should do but i know what you should not do.
do not hesitate and do what your feelings say before deciding to do.
''thick as a brick''

To Starr.
Feelings Starr, 22 Jul 2004 19:06
are as fickle as the wind!

To Mfg.
so Mfg, 22 Jul 2004 19:45
act before they have a chance to fickle

To Nothing.
The Wind Paul, 22 Dec 2007 18:37
Somethings are caught in memory, they just stay ''The wind seen from the window, Seeing it! but not being touch by''

To Nothing.
I used to be indecisive Henry the Cat, 22 Jul 2004 21:19
Now I'm not so sure.

To Dawn.
A link for you.... Dawn, 22 Jul 2004 22:26
Henry :)


To Nothing.
A link for you.... Capt' Coal, 22 Jul 2004 22:56
Thank you Dawn. U know who I am ;-)

To Nothing.
A link for you.... Always Smiling for You Dawn, 22 Jul 2004 22:59
Henry the Cat here. Many thanks Dawn. Got it on my faves. Kingston Gorse got a lightning bolt this evening:S

To Dawn.
Not on your house I hope!!!!! Dawn, 23 Jul 2004 07:18
I saw them lighting up the late evening sky.

To Mfg.
weirdapart.here Mfg, 22 Jul 2004 17:02
it is weird to see comments about the web site not about apart.
apart from that i am sure that every piece of me obeys to me.
''the beautiful occupation''

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