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naam: Mindi
latijns:platambus maculatus

To Mindi.
how representativedodo.here Mindi, 30 Apr 2016 00:16
it's like when the world expects you to be something other than what you already are. actually, it's exactly that.

To Mindi.
This is now my new hobbywallpaper.here Mindi, 05 Mrt 2016 04:21
I have no idea why this page is so entertaining to me, I guess I just like tearing off wall paper from the walls, one layer at a time.

To Mindi.
Hello World Mindi, 05 Mrt 2016 01:52
I now officially exist, and I'm looking forward to feeling welcome here someday.

To Fsls.
Welcomeee Fsls, 06 Apr 2016 04:06
Yey! Bugsss

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