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naam: Missnemo
latijns:phryxe vulgaris

To Missnemo.
I'mapart.here Missnemo, 10 Mrt 2014 13:43
remember morning Monday actually dream half
up arguing about today, happened it, asleep,
now with whether lol, and then lmao
and you or so I I’m
I this not if didn’t sorry,
vaguely it’s that I

To Missnemo.
...self.here Missnemo, 04 Mrt 2014 16:31
I don't know how or why, but this site was made for me. I would genuinely believe it if I was told I'd made it myself in my sleep. It's like you ripped my brain open, stole my thoughts and feelings and turned them into minigames.
Don't be sorry.

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