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naam: Mondratte
latijns:libelloide coccajus
characteristics: V
IG: @_mondratte.iz.here_

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To Mondratte.
balls Mondratte, 28 Nov 2021 14:31
i put my christmas tree up

To Deeznutterz.
lol Deeznutterz, 01 Dec 2021 23:56
ur a nerd

To Mondratte.
NNN Mondratte, 06 Nov 2021 17:01
I cant even finishe EP1 S5 of big mouth,, this episode is kinda ass- idk something is off about it, it's just not following the plot,, it just seems so outta place ig

To Mondratte.
ruh ro Mondratte, 06 Nov 2021 16:51
man i just wanna spend time with my partner

To Mondratte.
hm Mondratte, 05 Nov 2021 16:44
I wonder how long until this gum loses flavor

i want more gum

To Mondratte.
im Mondratte, 04 Nov 2021 20:54
Im failing spanish and now i want to kms

To Mondratte.
licc liccletter.here Mondratte, 04 Nov 2021 04:04
licking too many letters and not enough puss-

To Mondratte.
hmfree.here Mondratte, 03 Nov 2021 22:10
i wonder when time will stand still long enough to give me time to finish my missing assignments :/

To Deeznutterz.
hehe Deeznutterz, 03 Nov 2021 22:30
maybe if u got off that DAMN PHONE

To Mondratte.
maybe Mondratte, 04 Nov 2021 02:37
maybe if YOU didn't feel the need to show me trevor every five seconds-

To Deeznutterz.
hes hot Deeznutterz, 04 Nov 2021 11:37
its not my fault he was crafted from the gods

To Mondratte.
rats Mondratte, 03 Nov 2021 17:34
i want a pet rat

To Ghostie.
me Ghostie, 03 Nov 2021 17:35
i volunteer

To Mondratte.
hello Mondratte, 03 Nov 2021 17:37
my precious rat baby

To Ghostie.
hello Ghostie, 03 Nov 2021 17:38
my wonderful parental unit

To Mondratte.
wowow Mondratte, 03 Nov 2021 17:29
buggie bugz im being bugs with ghostie

To Ghostie.
ghostie and mondratte Ghostie, 03 Nov 2021 17:30
roleplay server moment

To Mondratte.
i feel Mondratte, 03 Nov 2021 17:31
I feel like we would lowkey be good rp partners/hj

To Ghostie.
we would Ghostie, 03 Nov 2021 17:32
so true

To Mondratte.
help Mondratte, 03 Nov 2021 16:43
some dude is talking about twisting his ballz

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