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naam: Msblaat
latijns:xylocopa violacea - houtbij

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To Msblaat.
Weekends were made Msblaat, 22 Apr 2007 22:16
for cooking shows and sex. (and the occasional cask of wine)

To Nothing.
Aaaa. . . Always ready, 23 Apr 2007 02:12
I'm not very hungry.

To Nothing.
weekends begin they funny that way, 24 Apr 2007 02:17
by ending

To Nothing.
leaving you wanting more either one or both for men, 24 Apr 2007 04:13
food or sex?

To Msblaat.
Im sorry Msblaat, 19 Apr 2007 20:31
for yelling at you. :( I didn't mean to be mean.

To Elling.
trong doink poink Elling, 19 Apr 2007 23:20
yeah thats just what i was thinking....hahahahah, ahahahahahahahahahahaha,hahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahaha...etc

To Msblaat.
Msblaat, 20 Apr 2007 00:21
diggin the ''etc.'' part.

To Msblaat.
if everyone who died in their dreams... Msblaat, 17 Apr 2007 21:24
...never awoke, who would there be to deliver warnings to us?

To Elling.
khgrvjyrkyrvcj Elling, 18 Apr 2007 00:25
i told you i was gonna go insane but you didnt listen...you just sat there laughing at the corpses i made, WELL LOOK WHOS LAUGHING NOW BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HSHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

To Nothing.
Not trying to make you angry You need help., 18 Apr 2007 00:43
but, seriously, you should try to get some help. Please! Your problem is getting worse.

To Nothing.
Hi Elling, terrible shooting Moonlight., 18 Apr 2007 02:08
at that school, he killed 38 ?
people and himself. See you
soon, easy does it.

To Mrblaat.
See you Mrblaat, 18 Apr 2007 06:33
In my Dreams, Bitch. (Best concert I ever been to!)


To Bugoggy.
u said the b word! Bugoggy, 19 Apr 2007 15:12
bad bad mrblaat!

To Nothing.
=) Right always chooses the b), 19 Apr 2007 15:16

To Nothing.
? choose the Right option, 19 Apr 2007 15:24
a)cute b)itch c)rap

To Msblaat.
Msblaat, 20 Apr 2007 01:22

To Msblaat.
101 uses for... Msblaat, 14 Apr 2007 10:11
Duct Tape...
GO!!! (no cheating!)


To Msblaat.
i made Msblaat, 14 Apr 2007 10:14
a wrapping for my hula hoop. Also, I made a folder for important papers. What can you do?

Come on... be creative here, make this fun!

To Msblaat.
I made Msblaat, 14 Apr 2007 10:18
weight for my hula hoop! What else can you creatively think of for this?! Come on... lets make this a big thread!

To Bombterre.
Ahhhh Bombterre, 14 Apr 2007 15:59
Yesterday, I saw that there was a crack in the earth outside. Below my feet it got bigger and bigger, until it was nearly as long as three football fields! It didn't take long for me to realize the earth was falling apart, so, I rounded up a few friends and with a little help from our best friend duct tape, we put the earth back together :)

To Stretch.
great stuff Stretch, 14 Apr 2007 23:09
no home should be with out it

To Stretch.
medically Stretch, 14 Apr 2007 23:17
seen a guy get cut with a grinder,about a 6'' gash.they pinched it back together and duct taped it and took him to the doctor...true story.

To Nothing.
dual purpose.... duct tape mite, 15 Apr 2007 00:24
how about a duct tape wedding band that can be used once a month as a duct tape tampon?

To Msblaat.
Would you Msblaat, 15 Apr 2007 05:29
trust something that bled for 5 days every month and still lived? (?!)

To Msblaat.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggg! Msblaat, 11 Apr 2007 19:21
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm almost done with it all.

To Msblaat.
Nifty Msblaat, 03 Apr 2007 21:55
Flash and fun and fun and stuff.


To Msblaat.
I dont post personal things... but; Msblaat, 19 Feb 2007 01:32
sometimes I cry. No, I cry a lot,as I have my whole life. My whole life I have felt so overlooked. I see others around me who get the breaks while I work so hard to just be me. It stinks to be overlooked, it stinks to see others take your brilliant ideas and take glory, it stinks to have people not like you for who you are, no matter how smart and talented you are. I am tired of being the one to tie up everyones loose ends, the one shit on, the one encouraging to others while I end up with the raw deal. We all make choices, but then sometimes our circumstances are not our own doing. I have made choices, but very carefully considered and executed and for good reasons, but have landed me on the shit end because external forces, once again shitting on me and twisting things because they hold the cards and have the power.


To Msblaat.
I admit, Msblaat, 19 Feb 2007 01:33
I have taken the lonely path, but its the path that I feel is best for my person, otherwise I would have deteriorated into someting I dont believe in and dwelt with hypocrisy to the hilt that I cant in good conscience live with. So why is that so wrong and hard to accept? Why is that so hard to accept?

To Satinne.
when the choices .. Satinne, 19 Feb 2007 04:29
I make, don't give me the results I want, I change my choices. (Edison made several thousand lightbulbs before he got it right .. or so I am told, and they were all different choices!) So, hang in there and try some different choices. There must be more than one choice which allows you to remain true to yourself. ♥

To Nothing.
Oh me, oh my... been there, done that, 22 Feb 2007 05:06
sounds as if someone needs a big hug...and a new job! Git outta that crap job and find a place where your talents are appreciated.

To Nothing.
oncetheywerelunatics, 19 Feb 2007 14:43
The names your namesake employs are not doing you any favours. poo and dung? tell them shits? smug 'squeaze munch how hards my punch' punter? shit geezer should change his name to 'concorde in the sky you remind me of a tube on the underground' and you can be 'ms. concorde in the sky''.

To Nothing.
Would it be right to say englishpsychopathinlondon, 20 Feb 2007 13:47
that this website is of tremedous importance to concorde in the sky you remind me of a tube on the underground, and his employer. I was just considering concord in the sky you remind me of a tube on the undergrounds IQ, which is 121, and his friends IQ kill robd bill part 3, whose IQ is 120, and his successors IQ, which is about 90. Now i also know the IQ of concorde in the sky you remind me of a tube on the undergrounds governors IQ, which is 110, and im therefore giving him the title, 'you remind me of a choir you look just like a university' which he would be very happy with. Thee problem is some of these people think this website is a world heritage site and that they each have an IQ of 187, apart from the person who has an IQ of 90, therefore i am giving him the name, 'son of the wind you blow hot in the night your waters are calm' the name indicates that your IQ is really about 120 or higher maybe 130 or 140.

To Nothing.
Oh me oh my oh dithery me Eric von Uttlethorpe, 20 Feb 2007 14:01
I only have an IQ of 11 and don't understand any of the above - not in the slightest. Not one word of it.

To Redsboy.
That's okay, Eric. Redsboy, 21 Feb 2007 20:14
The person who wrote it also hasn't a clue as to its meaning, now that they are sober.

To Nothing.
I object!! englishpsychopathinlondon, 26 Feb 2007 01:11
how dare you assume I am sober!

To Msblaat.
Its official! Msblaat, 14 Feb 2007 15:45
I hate my job.

To Bugoggy.
way? Bugoggy, 14 Feb 2007 16:38
what the hell do u work at?!

To Msblaat.
I work [hard] at Msblaat, 15 Feb 2007 06:14
getting done the work of 3 18 year olds with one arm tied behind my back, whilst being humiliated 3 weeks in a row at meetings and passed over for a promotion 2x in favour of younger, bustier girlies... She must be screwing someone, or at least giving some spectacular hand jobs...

To Msblaat.
Pondering a statement I heard at work... Msblaat, 08 Feb 2007 16:09
If someone says ''We are so lucky to have him/her working for us'', what about all the other companies who dont have a guy that people say that about? What if those people quit and joined another organization? Would the first company go tits up and would the new company flourish because of the talent? What if that person decided to not work anymore, would the world become a shit-hole because their talent is gone from the corporate world? Balls... Such a silly statement.

To Nothing.
Such a name, 09 Feb 2007 21:03
subjective statement! Noone is irreplaceable. We are like hands in a bucket of water. While we are in we can splash around all we want - pull us out and we leave no hole. A week later, that statement may not apply any more. A change of management, or duties, or companies, and the winds of favor may be blowing the other way. It is all temporary.

To Nothing.
maybe no hole Archimedes, 10 Feb 2007 10:54
but the water level will go down

To Nothing.
there's a hole in the river bleuuhr goes crowded house, 10 Feb 2007 23:04
where my auntie lies

To Msblaat.
I have decided Msblaat, 30 Jan 2007 04:53
I like Elling.☺ He makes me laugh.

To Salotehawaii.
Elling is a Salotehawaii, 30 Jan 2007 05:09

To Msblaat.
one Msblaat, 30 Jan 2007 06:19
can never tell here, now can they? One can never be too careful either. In any case... I like Elling.

To Bugoggy.
i like here to Bugoggy, 30 Jan 2007 15:23
but she can be a little rude.....

To Redsboy.
Not that it makes a big difference Redsboy, 30 Jan 2007 18:44
but Elling is a 16 year old young lady from Wales. She makes no secret of it. In the past, she has tried to be very rude and vulgar. There was a reason for that. And she is changing for the better, MARKEDLY! I hope she continues because she is very intelligent, and, I think, a very nice person. (She will probably diss my complimemts, but that's okay.)

To Elling.
compliments...scary...thanks Elling, 30 Jan 2007 21:34
Ive improved? damn that was an accident. Just wondering, what do you think the reason for me being an ass before was?

To Elling.
*wipes a tear from eye and waves* Elling, 30 Jan 2007 20:59
Awww thanx, and im a girl

To Msblaat.
Yea! Msblaat, 31 Jan 2007 04:42
From one rude girl to another. (insert V sign here) Sometimes intelligence manifests itself in ways unacceptable to the ''norm'' (?).


To Redsboy.
True Redsboy, 31 Jan 2007 18:51
But sometimes rudeness is simply rudeness. Since it is outside the ''norm,'' one wonders ''Why?''. Often, there is a reason.

To Elling.
If theres a reason, its subconcious Elling, 01 Feb 2007 00:37
meh, just fun i guess, maybe im just not the norm

To Redsboy.
Big secret, Elling Redsboy, 01 Feb 2007 03:30
NONE of us are the ''norm.'' Some are just more skilled than others at hiding that fact.

To Nothing.
whats norm? Sick of foul mouthed people. , 01 Feb 2007 04:38
Rudeness, filthy mouthed talk, conversation laced with self destructive filth spewing from ones mouth. Its really only an effort of a feeble mind to express its self forcefully, if thats a sign of being normal or intelligent, stop the world and let me off.

To Elling.
i said im NOT NORM Elling, 01 Feb 2007 22:07
good point, coz everyone who has intelligence kisses everyones ass to be loved and never swears. anyone who says F U C K is really stupid

To Nothing.
I for one would not want name, 01 Feb 2007 04:43
those kind of people around my children or any decent family or friends of mine. They impress no one but their own deluded mind..

To Elling.
youre not impressed?! Elling, 01 Feb 2007 21:58
but dont swearwords n shit impress everyone!? OH MITE PEASE BE IMPRESSED!! PLEASE LOVE ME!!!!! GIVE ME ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!! coz i really love you and you really impress me!! and i really care about how much i impress some fake insects on a computer screen!!!! and i would love to meet your little brats!! i love children, especially if they take after you, name

To Nothing.
Intelligence???? name, 01 Feb 2007 04:52
That filth is not acceptable to any abnormal people i know, much less the so called normal ones. Intelligence, is it you poor sod. hahahahahahaha

To Berrelight.
I can feel the love! Berrelight, 30 Jan 2007 22:20

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