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naam: Mudokonsam
latijns:calliteara pudibunda - meriansborstel
characteristics: I am who I am, and nothing else.
From the depths of carcasses I soar, finally free of my cocoon of self-doubt and wallowing.

To Mudokonsam.
Damn... Mudokonsam, 03 Sep 2012 01:04
I have no idea when this whole universal chat thing is...
So I'll be leaving that chat window open from when I wake to when I sleep in case I stumble across another bug...
What happened to all the bugs?
This site is my home, and like a bug I sit in a corner of the ceiling, taking it all in whilst making myself comfortable.

To Nothing.
FYI Sid the Spider, 03 Sep 2012 09:53
There is a defect with the sink - has been for some while. Spiders are invisible to others, which is a problem to say the least. Not sure about whether bugs are visible to others or not. You can only see yourself - but just might be in a crowded sink without knowing it. You can see text however. If at first you don't succeed .......

To Mudokonsam.
I see... Mudokonsam, 04 Sep 2012 01:47
Oh man that could explain a lot.
When you say ''see text'', what do you mean? I had ''Hi from Australia!'' hovering above my head for the entire day, does the text disappear to others?
I kept checking the chat box and found no new text from others over the past two days and the past couple of hours this morning.
Is it the chat itself, or lack of people?
I really would like to get this up and running again.

To Mudokonsam.
Also... Mudokonsam, 04 Sep 2012 01:49
The flashing small red circle at the bottom left of the screen, does that mean anything?

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Can't help on specifics Sid the Spider, 04 Sep 2012 10:30
All I can say is I was in there yesterday speaking to someone for about 45 minutes (an invisible spider). Just a chance meeting. It's probably more to the lack of visitors - people have just given up with all of the defects. And even when it did work, it was plagued by abusive trolls. Red button flashing not a problem.

To Mudokonsam.
If that's the case... Mudokonsam, 04 Sep 2012 11:21
I'll keep trying. I'll be on here for the next 3-5 hours, hopefully others will be online too.

To Mudokonsam.
Could FaceBook help? Mudokonsam, 04 Sep 2012 11:25
Maybe if we all joined the group on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/gatherinthesink
To better organise times and such, as FaceBook will have an actual notification and whatnot if people comment on the page to say they are online.
I refuse to give up on this. Getting this site popular and regular again is the least I could do in return for such an amazing site.

To Mudokonsam.
Ta daaa~ Mudokonsam, 04 Sep 2012 12:45
Finished a speedpainting today.


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The flashing red dot in the bottom left, Chatmaster Flash , 05 Sep 2012 05:32
that means your webcam and microphone are activated. You can turn it off in the settings.

To Mudokonsam.
Interesting... Mudokonsam, 05 Sep 2012 05:34
I don't even have a microphone or webcam.
Thanks for the info.

To Rosibutterfly.
Mudo ... Rosibutterfly, 09 Sep 2012 10:53
I'm Oztralian as well, so your name gets shortened. To clarify about text you leave above your head .. It's only visible to those who are present when you type it. Anyone arriving after you typed it, will not see it. There is no way to leave permanent text in the sink that I am aware of. As to the red dot, that merely indicates information uploading and downloading ie. refreshing. If it's absent or stationary, then you are as good as dead to the rest of the world. Cheerful thought, innit?

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oh oooooh yessss!, 06 Sep 2012 18:38
isn't the reddot refreshing?

To Nothing.
smut aunt betty, 06 Sep 2012 19:36
bordering on soft porn

To Mudokonsam.
The one who knows Mudokonsam, 21 Aug 2012 08:39
I apologise for being such a large amount of reincarnations...

To Rosibutterfly.
well, I don't know .. Rosibutterfly, 23 Aug 2012 10:14
so how many is it? I just counted all the ones I have and it's a grand total of 32 (I think.. might be more tho') have you got more than that?

To Mudokonsam.
The definition... Mudokonsam, 24 Aug 2012 03:21
But what is the definition of a reincarnation? A plethora of new thoughts and death of old opinions?
Is every reincarnation better than the last?
I would hope so, because why would I want to live if I was progressively worsening?

To Mudokonsam.
By the way... Mudokonsam, 30 Aug 2012 09:44
I have noticed how active you've been on here, I congratulate you on being here all these years. :)
I only hope I too, can do the same to keep such a beautiful site alive.
~ MudokonSam

To Salo.
hoping 2013 will be Salo, 01 Jan 2013 03:50

To Nothing.
DSM 5 One who's medically qualified to say, 25 Aug 2012 05:16
Narcissistic circle jerk. Now, thank you and fuck off the both of you.

To Nothing.
Completely Burt Hare, 25 Aug 2012 22:02

To Mudokonsam.
Attention all bugs! Mudokonsam, 21 Aug 2012 02:46
I would like us to all organise ourselves a bit more, so we can actually chat together and things.
I would love to talk to you all and get to know you better, this site brings the best and the worst in me and I absolutely love it.
~ MudokonSam

To Nothing.
ah... one who knows hmm hmm, 21 Aug 2012 08:37
MadukonSam. The umpteenth incarnation.

To Rosibutterfly.
one who knows ... Rosibutterfly, 23 Aug 2012 10:21
but doesn't dare identify himself. What a joke!

To Mudokonsam.
I do... Mudokonsam, 24 Aug 2012 03:31
I identify myself to those that ask. :)

To Nothing.
who are you nobody, 28 Aug 2012 21:05
asl please

To Mudokonsam.
Who I am... Mudokonsam, 29 Aug 2012 13:14
Add me on Skype, my username is MudokonSam, send me a message and let me know you met me through NobodyHere. :)
I am someone who is a passionate surrealist and one that lets my subconscious take over.
I really like meeting new people, especially shy or unusual ones!
~ MudokonSam

To Mudokonsam.
Also!... Mudokonsam, 29 Aug 2012 13:18
I have a DeviantArt account, you can get to know me more there, just send me a note. I'll only bite if you ask me to! xD

~ MudokonSam


To Mudokonsam.
Food for thought.peanuts.here Mudokonsam, 20 Aug 2012 16:54
Some things aren't about rationalising or analysing.
Sometimes, it's art and nothing but an expression of thought.
And by nothing I mean everything, as our thoughts define how and who we think we are.

To Nothing.
lyrics 2chainz, 02 Feb 2014 00:45
I love bad bitches, dat my fuckin problem

To Mudokonsam.
I agree.shame.here Mudokonsam, 20 Aug 2012 16:51
I wallow in shame and self loathing like a pig in mud. If only I could stick my snout out and snorkle and grunt with pride for once.

To Mudokonsam.
Normal...normal.here Mudokonsam, 20 Aug 2012 16:48
Normal goes by society's average, what they like and how they act. Majority rules when it comes to ''normal''.
And then you have those that don't FEEL normal- they feel so out of place around ''normal'' people, strangers, large groups etc they have to remind themselves how to act and behave around such company.

To Mudokonsam.
But I also want to say... Mudokonsam, 21 Aug 2012 02:36
I tell you now, that no one is truly normal. Most just pretend, or settle into routine.
Don't become one of those people. If you enjoy this site and are reading this, I can assume you are one to dwell on your own thoughts. This is the key to self improvement and understanding beyond all means. Your questions might not always have answers now, but they will. And if they don't, then it means they no longer matter.

To Mudokonsam.
I ran out of room... Mudokonsam, 21 Aug 2012 02:37
Be PROUD of who you are and what you crave from life. ''Normal'' people envy those that hold their heads high and wear their insides out.
Being happy and at one with the world only occurs when one is happy and at one with themselves.

To Nothing.
navid navid, 30 Apr 2013 10:49

To Mudokonsam.
Instead...free.here Mudokonsam, 20 Aug 2012 16:44
Instead of focusing on specific goals and bucket lists, why not take life as it comes, enjoy things, push yourself to new limits and try things a little differently?
I'll know when the time is right, if it ever is.

To Aprlknght.
flowers in my mind Aprlknght, 25 Okt 2013 03:23
are easier to find


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