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naam: Owsknowsbigg
latijns:tenthredo zonula
characteristics: Some say i look like jesus...

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To Owsknowsbigg.
Work Owsknowsbigg, 13 Mrt 2006 10:45
Looks like it's all over for me. I'm going to be fired today. Slept through my alarm on sunday. No excuses.No mercy. Funny though.

To Owsknowsbigg.
for information Owsknowsbigg, 08 Mrt 2006 16:43
21 in two days, m, welsh. speak two languages.

To Nothing.
.. name, 08 Mrt 2006 18:32
Does any one care foul mouth!

To Nothing.
21 months is that ? how do they find their way here ?, 08 Mrt 2006 20:09
You sound like a total cretin - and that doesn't mean that you come from Crete

To Nothing.
be kind calon onest, calon lân, 08 Mrt 2006 21:22
adolescence lasts longer these days...

To Nothing.
So it is spoken but by whom, and for what purpose ?, 08 Mrt 2006 21:44
Roddi imi galon lân

To Owsknowsbigg.
Mae hen wlad fy'n nhadau Owsknowsbigg, 08 Mrt 2006 23:16
yn annwyl i mi

To Nothing.
That would be .... a grown up , 08 Mrt 2006 22:58
English and Foul presumably. Take a look around, do you notice anything? The rest of us manage to communicate without the use of childish bad language. Act your age, not your shoe size.

To Owsknowsbigg.
WAT A TIT Owsknowsbigg, 08 Mrt 2006 23:13
Cymru am byth

To Nothing.
You may be Welsh and proud of it It's not all the same person , 08 Mrt 2006 23:39
but you're not the best walking and talking advert for your country. No doubt the response will be yet more obscenities ... it's fairly obvious that profanities and grunts are the sum total of your tool box ... moron, and no doubt proud of it

To Owsknowsbigg.
I'm swearing in your language Owsknowsbigg, 11 Mrt 2006 11:30
And seeing as i've offended a few people through the medium of swearing.i apologise. but you can kiss my ass.x

To Nothing.
A superb collaboration a groan up, 09 Mrt 2006 21:52
Tom Jones and the Art of Noise

To Nothing.
or dick trom and the fart of noise a groin up, 09 Mrt 2006 23:14

To Owsknowsbigg.
By the way Owsknowsbigg, 08 Mrt 2006 11:52
It's my birthday on friday, but i'm going out on Thursday. I'm not working on thursday or friday which is a godsend. I'll be working on the weekend though. I like to do it, do it. I like to DO IT. Parp

To Rosibutterfly.
: ) Rosibutterfly, 08 Mrt 2006 13:23
I will remember .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Nothing.
.. name, 08 Mrt 2006 14:23
Who cares?

To Owsknowsbigg.
shut up Owsknowsbigg, 08 Mrt 2006 15:35

To Nothing.
.. name, 08 Mrt 2006 18:36
mot a chance slime ball, little kids come here and see your filthy mouth, try being decent and cool it!

To Owsknowsbigg.
BUMMED Owsknowsbigg, 08 Mrt 2006 23:11

To Berre.
it's not the owsfoulmouthery Berre, 09 Mrt 2006 00:03
that gets me, it's the lack of originality. Minute's silence please...remembering the creative swearing of blaaTman...

To Nothing.
.. name, 09 Mrt 2006 01:32
Well i can't believe this moron and his foul mouth even if he was by some stretch of the imagenation a bit original, it offends me..

To Nothing.
yah, we get that loud + clear... berre unplugged, 09 Mrt 2006 02:21
I was making a different point

To Nothing.
Mopping up the pieces A pompous, self important, windbag, 09 Mrt 2006 12:01
So ... am I correct in summarising as follows (1) gratuitous use of expletives not encouraged (2)use of expletives in context, for example to dramatise or emphasise a point, acceptable and indeed in certain circumstances necessary (3) this is an open access site, without passwords and suchlike, therefore if kids happen to wander through, they take their chances like everybody else. (4)please,please,please do not start off the censorship ''debate'' again

To Bulletje.
watch Bulletje, 09 Mrt 2006 11:00
yourself, Owsknowsbiggie...

To Nothing.
who's watching me A pompous, self important, windbag, 09 Mrt 2006 12:06
watching you, watching him ? And who is he watching, other than himself ? Is he looking in a mirror possibly ? I think we should be told, and sooner rather than later.

To Nothing.
And for dramatic effect !!!!!! A pompous, self important, windbag,, 09 Mrt 2006 15:22

To Nothing.
the kid's watching back berre wonders if the url is too long, 09 Mrt 2006 20:05
(also called: more drama) http://images.google.co.nz/imgres?imgurl=http://www.hotboxdesigns.com/Watching.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.hotboxdesigns.com/Watching.html&h=360&w=482&sz=108&tbnid=DL79_wjjolZY9M:&tbnh=94&tbnw=126&hl=en&start=1&prev=/images%3Fq%3D%2B%2522watching%2522%26num%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN%26as_qdr%3Dall

To Nothing.
from the sublime to the ridiculous A pompous, self important, windbag, 09 Mrt 2006 20:58
even the DNA sequence is not as long as that URL - I believe it to be a fiction

To Nothing.
OMG (parp) A pompous, self important, windbag,, 09 Mrt 2006 21:06
Look who's taken up residence below me !

To Nothing.
try it! the link works! berre bathing in sublime light, 09 Mrt 2006 21:52
I pro mess

To Nothing.
where does it start and end ? A pompous etc etc, 09 Mrt 2006 22:36
there are more https than you can shake a stick at

To Nothing.
Success !!!!!!!! etc, 10 Mrt 2006 10:45
Link opened

To Owsknowsbigg.
Work Owsknowsbigg, 08 Mrt 2006 11:44
Absolutely pissing it down, big fuck off chunks of rain. Goodmorning.parp

To Owsknowsbigg.
made a poem- The Dog and Frog - ows Owsknowsbigg, 07 Mrt 2006 13:49
I once knew a dog,
Who knew a big frog,
And lived near a river.
He shat his pants,
Whilst eating some ants,
And his mother rants forever.
But nobody knew,
not even a clue.
He hated his home by the river.

To Jamy.
nice Jamy, 07 Mrt 2006 15:12
thats a nice poem

To Nothing.
Perchance Intrigued, 07 Mrt 2006 16:19
any relation to William McGonnagle ?

To Nothing.
, 07 Mrt 2006 22:05
Old mother hubbard, went to the cupboard, to fetch poor rover a bone, when she bent over, rover drove her, cause he had a bone of his own.

To Owsknowsbigg.
work Owsknowsbigg, 03 Mrt 2006 17:35
what's happenin my people. It's been an altogether good day.no whingy cunts, I'm a lucky boy. I finish at 6 so not too long. Gonna take my gfriend to the cinema, then i'm gonna get pissed.smoke a zoot then good long sleep + lie in. Until monday my people.Peace

To Twi.
''Whingy c***s'' oh dear. Twi, 03 Mrt 2006 17:58
Hope you're not in retail. I deal with old haddocks, sometimes.

To Nothing.
customer Just a guess, 04 Mrt 2006 17:41

To Nothing.
You are Service with a snarl, 05 Mrt 2006 10:14
far too cynical

To Owsknowsbigg.
work Owsknowsbigg, 03 Mrt 2006 11:20
Goodmorning. Lovely day, sun is shining weather is sweet, makes you want to move your dancing feet. Let's see how today unfolds.x

To Owsknowsbigg.
work Owsknowsbigg, 02 Mrt 2006 18:15
Another 3 hours to go. Have some apples.

To Owsknowsbigg.
work Owsknowsbigg, 02 Mrt 2006 17:55
Not so bitter anymore. Had a bit of food. sorted me right out. Anyone know a good free website for online games?Peace

To Dawn.
Try this ...... Dawn, 02 Mrt 2006 18:03
it's free and not too taxing :)


To Dawn.
I like this one best..... Dawn, 02 Mrt 2006 18:04
playing with balls :)t


To Twi.
Fun, too..but I played Bubble Bees Twi, 02 Mrt 2006 21:49
31,010. My wrist nearly dropped off!

To Dawn.
Oh I love that one too... Dawn, 02 Mrt 2006 21:58
I find it's easier to catch them from behind though.

To Owsknowsbigg.
work Owsknowsbigg, 02 Mrt 2006 18:17
any others. does'nt load up at mine.Maybe cos im at work .cheers dawn

To Owsknowsbigg.
work Owsknowsbigg, 02 Mrt 2006 15:07
Topping myself sounds like a good plan. Like eating icecream on a hot day.So bored. Saw the queen yesterday, made me feel ill.Tit.Peace

To Nothing.
topping yourself the queen, 02 Mrt 2006 17:28
sounds like an excellent plan. I saw you too and believe me I felt even more ill that you did. Happy Topping.

To Owsknowsbigg.
work Owsknowsbigg, 02 Mrt 2006 17:31
Royal Scumbags

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