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naam: Pleasestop
latijns:anoplius fuscus

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To Pleasestop.
you made a mistakechair.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:50
you forgot to immediately delete these webpages, before anyone could see them. It is almost too late, please do it right now, i am waiting.

To Elling.
Pleasedie.....ewww i used manners Elling, 13 Nov 2006 22:20
You forgot to immediately kill yourself, before i kill you. Ill be waiting to torture you in hell. You piece of shit, thankyou, shitface.......wanker.

To Odious.
don't hold your breath waiting Odious, 03 Jan 2007 03:53
because then you'll just turn blue and pass out and probably die...

To Pleasestop.
thank godpuzzle.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:49
your text is finite.

but it is still bad and wrong.

please delete, ok? thanks for your cooperation.

To Pleasestop.
no bad wrong stop dirty incorrectproblem.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:46
you know that what you have done to the Internet is no bad wrong stop dirty incorrect. So WHY didn't you immediately delete? Is it because you are Dutch? I don't think that is a good enough excuse.

To Nothing.
al-samer soso, 17 Dec 2008 23:46
go to

To Pleasestop.
you are hurting the Netherlandspet.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:44
please, immediately delete these dangerous web pages.

thank you.

To Bugoggy.
yep, another noter Bugoggy, 21 Dec 2006 15:21
go back to the loony bin wirdo

To Odious.
well... Odious, 03 Jan 2007 03:52
maybe the Netherlands need to be hurt. BETCHYA NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT NOW, DID YA! ha. ha ha. hee.

To Pleasestop.
dear destroyer of Internet,eating.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:42
just because something CAN be done doesn't mean it SHOULD be done. (I am talking, indirectly, about your website).

Please immediately delete these webpages, thank you.

To Nefeli.
.... Nefeli, 27 Jun 2008 18:13
Crap ma'am shut up

To Pleasestop.
you know why I am writinghermit.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:39
just like last time.

please, I beg you, sir. please.

delete this entire website before the Internet is completely destroyed.

To Nefeli.
PROBLEM... Nefeli, 27 Jul 2007 18:05
You've any problem with it...Or let me guess what exactly...hmmm...your mind???!!

To Pleasestop.
Is the socks page interesting?holes.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:37

But that makes it all the more wrong and evil. Please, what you are doing is bad and wrong and will lead to the detruction of the entire Internet.

To Nothing.
sdfdsd name, 11 Dec 2006 14:39

To Nothing.
ccccccccc rafael, 23 Dec 2006 03:30

To Oggy.
i dont get it Oggy, 02 Aug 2007 12:30
u say this site is evil, whats evil about it?!!?!?!?!
and if it so ''dangerus'' so why are u here?!

To Pleasestop.
Your story about ''fat''fat.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:35
Is a disgrace to all Dutch people, and an insult to God.

Please, won't you please immediately delete this entire website?

To Odious.
hm Odious, 03 Jan 2007 03:52
why does it disgrace the Dutch people? ...maybe Dutch people need to be disgraced. Does God love normal people, or the morbidly obese?

To Nefeli.
AAAAH!!!!!! Nefeli, 27 Jul 2007 18:06
Inslute to God?This site has othing to do with it for God's Sake Lady,please stop doing that

To Pleasestop.
please delete this pagesupermarket.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:33
you are only making it worse for yourself. please immediately remove this website from the Internet

To Pleasestop.
you must reconsiderapologies.here Pleasestop, 13 Nov 2006 18:32
this website is bad and wrong, won't you please think about what you are doing? the Internet will soon be destroyed.

To Odious.
are you some sort of crazy person? Odious, 03 Jan 2007 03:54
why exactly is this website bad and wrong? you're not a nut are you?

To Nothing.
jullo Daniel, 09 Apr 2007 11:27
tubeflies never learn from them.

To Nothing.
lili kelly, 17 Feb 2007 11:51
lili se promener quand tout d'un quuo un loup s'aproc et lili aver un baton et lili tapa le loup avec son baton et k.o le loup

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