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naam: Scoresby
latijns:rhantus exsoletus

To Scoresby.
Just Because...selective.here Scoresby, 04 Aug 2009 19:15
Just because we use a lot of words, and have a lot of stuff doesn't mean there is something here. God, religion, any seismic disturbance of the mind doesn't prove that there is a center to being. In all probability this dream can end this moment. Or, it had already ended. There is no who, or what. Exist, all else is illusion, to keep you company.

To Nothing.
fuck you Maddox, 05 Aug 2009 03:05
go eat a dragonfly's dick you fuckin Mormon anus licker! I HATE YOU!!! lose weight you fat nazi fuck!!! DIE!!!!

To Salote.
wow... Salote, 05 Aug 2009 04:52
Dr. recommends some ice cream

To Stretch.
Hey Salo Stretch, 10 Aug 2009 22:50
Take more than ice cream for that one....what kind of ice crean would you want anyway.

To Salote.
Om makes Salote, 11 Aug 2009 14:21
a great homemade ice cream, whole milk and cream! After that the flavor doesn't really matter, but I am partial to chocolate! :D

To Nothing.
keeping myself company, 05 Aug 2009 22:48

To Nothing.
sorry? malformed url... you may as well be talking to yourself, 05 Aug 2009 23:01
%20 dutch macfag detected

To Nothing.
surely, they were trying to post this: amirite?, 05 Aug 2009 23:29

To Nothing.
, 06 Aug 2009 19:53

To Nothing.
You think it's spam? goeniegoegoe, 07 Aug 2009 00:26
But it is such delicious spam. All I did was a google image search for ''indra'', just like the poster above with the mangled url, except with safe search turned off. And then I posted the image url. Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?

To Nothing.
so that has nothing to do Call me when you have a life, 07 Aug 2009 08:23
with the link I posted, it means youtube won't feed it to your malformed US brain

To Nothing.
call me back a bunch of puritans you are, 11 Aug 2009 00:42
when you make sense. there are boobies aplenty over on the dutch side, go and complain to them about the ''spam''. better yet, don't copy and paste links that you don't know where they point to.

To Nothing.
nah man I'm making sense now. What's ur number?, 11 Aug 2009 09:26
I just posted my comment in the wrong place. See page 2422 for a re-occurence of the same tragedy.

To Nothing.
lost dazed and confused, 04 Dec 2011 04:05
what the heck do you do on this site???

To Scoresby.
Who's there? Scoresby, 04 Aug 2009 18:57
Sometimes I can't find it, like the mac question mark, the beach ball spinning in a field of all these somethings. I turn an attention onto what I think is it, but it moves, or doesn't, and it's not there. You can say it is like a star that you know is there, but every time you look at it you can't see it. You see it when you look away, but never are really sure that it's really there. It bugs me to think that there might just be nothing there.

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