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naam: September
latijns:hoplitis adunca

To September.
why hands?remember.here September, 24 Dec 2002 18:32
I always sleep on mine, and end up with what I wrote tattooed on my forehead or cheek. write on the wrist. it looks creepy to anyone passing by, but saves one the time it takes to wash off the ink on your face in the morning.

To September.
thisbook.here September, 01 Sep 2002 03:19
reminds me of that army commercial where they ask you if you wrote a book about your life, would anybody want to read it? I have a feeling mine would be a good thing to read when you'd want to go to sleep.

To Englishbob.
this Englishbob, 28 Mrt 2003 05:01

To September.
lovelight.here September, 01 Sep 2002 03:03
is never a sure thing. sure, your heart gets broken, but it's the times in between then that matter the most. haven't you heard the expression, ''it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all''?

To Nothing.
The times in between Joe Public, 05 Sep 2002 14:15
The times between weigh exactly as much as the other times. It's all for nought. All of it and everything.

To Nothing.
lost.. Emily, 21 Okt 2002 01:47
I hate that adage. Because I have loved and lost, and I can tell you that how I was before I loved was so much better than how I am after I've lost. I say that cliche is bullshit.

To Karet.
Dreams of love Karet, 15 Okt 2004 16:13
Every night I dream of a different new love. It seems real, and permeates my whole day. But then it goes bad, quickly, when I realise its an illusion and I won't meat those souls again...... or are they the same one..?

To September.
...do.here September, 22 Aug 2002 03:07
I'd think any god would be more constructive than that. it is a god, you know. they must have some plan or way of helping us out. makes a whole lot more sense than it letting us screw up and then blaming us for being human.

To Sequoia.
I agree... Sequoia, 21 Nov 2002 05:36
Starya and September have put it very well...thanks

To September.
say cheese!photograph.here September, 22 Aug 2002 02:59
you know, some schools have awards for the person that can get in the most photographs.

To Andie.
... Andie, 11 Jun 2003 02:01
i would have lost this year. i was only in one: the class pictures.

To September.
Tag!tag.here September, 22 Aug 2002 02:50
Oh, I've been it for years. They sneak up behind me from time to time and yell, ''You're it! You're it!''
Oh, the joys of life.

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