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naam: Sherang
latijns:zeuzera pyrina - rouwvlinder

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To Sherang.
A proverb from afar Sherang, 06 Sep 2005 21:23
''when god wills the destruction of an ant, he gives it wings'' too right, wheres my shoe? *whack* *whack*

To Sherang.
the tv guide Sherang, 30 Jul 2005 18:53
strikes again


To Iamwonderjen.
nice draw! Iamwonderjen, 30 Jul 2005 22:05
The TV Guide can be so inspiring! Nice job!

To Sherang.
5 winged ants crawling Sherang, 03 Jul 2005 20:48
on the inside of the window. ''where did they come from'' we wondered. While we were searching the area around the window for the source, about 5,000 ants were busy emerging from the carpet by the door behind us. ''oh ****'' we said. They have been attacked with the hoover and ant spray, so far so good. I hope they dont gather again.

To Sherang.
My dreams Sherang, 23 Jun 2005 03:27
what on earth is going on inside my head


To Sherang.
Tomorrow Sherang, 21 Jun 2005 00:22
is the second best day of the year to visit Newgrange, which is 600 years older than the pyramids and 1000 years older than Stonehenge.


To Sherang.
Hooray for html codes Sherang, 20 Jun 2005 15:12
I managed to put all of my art onto my website now, much better than photobucket


To Nothing.
perfect bek!! win , 20 Jun 2005 19:48
looks so much better!!

To Agut.
Beautiful paintings Agut, 20 Jun 2005 21:42

To Sherang.
Sherang, 20 Jun 2005 22:30

To Roomi.
vrey nice Roomi, 20 Jun 2005 22:31
your all artwork is great!!!! The Observer, your version of Dali, and still are marvelous

To Sherang.
sigh Sherang, 19 Jun 2005 15:27
trees are hard to paint :(

To Sherang.
wow Sherang, 18 Jun 2005 15:37
And its coming to ireland next month! I'm there.


To Agut.
I saw it Agut, 18 Jun 2005 15:39
last week in Rotterdam

To Sherang.
lucky Sherang, 18 Jun 2005 17:28
i saw some of the footage - amazing

To Nothing.
haha, Scarab, 19 Jun 2005 00:08
dat is mijn geboorteplaats.

To Sherang.
I've never laughed so much Sherang, 17 Jun 2005 17:25
Dad just went outside to wash the car and we heard a huge bang come from my room. Mum thought it was my painting falling over but its not that heavy. When I went upstairs my wardrobe door was open. The bar in the wardrobe had snapped and everything lay strewen across the floor. What makes it worse is that i dont store clothes in there, i store school books in fabric divide things which hang inside. All the sheets! But it was very funny.

To Artetaos.
ola bek!! Artetaos, 18 Jun 2005 04:02
maybe transform all that into an impressionistic painting or so....or a suspense mystery short story!

To Sherang.
SCHOOL IS OVER Sherang, 17 Jun 2005 13:53
I never have to go there again!! :).....unless, they might make me do work experience there - nooo

To Sherang.
Oh yes Sherang, 17 Jun 2005 14:04
I've also started a new painting. Its bigish and my room currently smells of turpentine. Its of 2 girls sitting on a (very nice) wall in sunshine with lots of trees and dappled sunlight. I'll let you guess the location when its finished - i have no idea when that will be.

To Roomi.
Great Roomi, 17 Jun 2005 14:24
I like to view it after complete, will you upload anywhere for viewing

To Sherang.
Yup Sherang, 17 Jun 2005 14:49
it will be on photobucket when i'm done

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