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naam: Solitairemarr
latijns:cicadetta montana - bergcicade

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To Solitairemarr.
Solitaire is Back! Solitairemarr, 26 Jul 2007 04:55
I say that every time though.
Who's still here?

To Bugoggy.
time to meat the new Bugoggy, 26 Jul 2007 09:41
hey! im oggy.....

To Solitairemarr.
Hello. Solitairemarr, 13 Mei 2007 23:27
I'm here :)

To Solitairemarr.
Dear God. Solitairemarr, 28 Sep 2006 21:44
It's cold outside again. I swear I never complained about the nice warm summer once. I hate being cold. *Shiver*

To Solitairemarr.
email me Solitairemarr, 19 Jul 2006 07:17

To Solitairemarr.
WHERE ARE ALL OF MY BUGS? Solitairemarr, 21 Apr 2006 02:05
I miss you all. :'( I miss the sink aswell. So I've decided Im going to turn into a sink addict again :) see you all in the sink :D

To Nothing.
All your old bugs Namaste', 22 Apr 2006 10:38
got hacked by a certain someone. At lest I think of you once and again.

To Solitairemarr.
Got Hacked? Solitairemarr, 01 Mei 2006 00:23
Ugh, Honestly. Get a Life *rolly eyes*

To Solitairemarr.
Just to Let You know, Solitairemarr, 17 Nov 2005 01:00
I figured this out today, Apparently Moths have no mouthes... weird. they can only survive a week!

To Humbird.
!! Humbird, 17 Nov 2005 01:27
ive lasted much longer than a week!!!

To Nothing.
hiya pls jo-the-dog, 17 Nov 2005 06:30
i want this bug

To Nothing.
And you still are alive and talking? disappointed, 17 Nov 2005 06:49

To Solitairemarr.
Exuse Me? Solitairemarr, 18 Nov 2005 00:14
Im not a Moth! Pffft! i am a cicada..

To Solitairemarr.
Misery Solitairemarr, 30 Aug 2005 01:22
I just got the worst news of my life... My Best Friend is dying of Cancer that will be almost IMPOSSIBLE to treat... *heartbreak* *cry*


To Astro.
Solitare Astro, 30 Aug 2005 02:17
Sometimes we are given such large sorrows to handle. Wish I could lift it for you but only time can ease that for you. Sorry Hon

To Solitairemarr.
Thank You Solitairemarr, 30 Aug 2005 03:51
Astro... *hug*

To Amie.
be strong Amie, 30 Aug 2005 19:01
Solitaire, truly sorry to hear about your best friend. Time may ease that pain but at the present, it's truly a heavy load to handle. You can help her greatly by supporting her/him with your friendship & love. Also, most importantly, you must take care of yourself.

To Solitairemarr.
Clothes. Solitairemarr, 25 Aug 2005 19:38
Look at these cool clothes!


To Salo.
one of Salo, 26 Aug 2005 00:05
my faves! Her site does not do her work justice.


To Artetaos.
she's on my list... Artetaos, 26 Aug 2005 02:56
of designers to buy from! - If only her web site wouldn't act up on me...

To Solitairemarr.
It appears the sink is dead ... AGAIN Solitairemarr, 09 Jul 2005 17:30
so i guess ill just go in and have some alone time ☺ even though that sounds a little creepy. ¢¼¢À¢¾♦

To Nothing.
sad, no sink...no skin joey(broken)Bbell, 09 Jul 2005 18:31
hoppy B'day ms Solitaire... I'm getting used to nothing workin' ...

To Nothing.
Light a match under your bum then OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!, 10 Jul 2005 02:53
*lights match*

To Agut.
Soli Agut, 10 Jul 2005 08:41
you really had bad luck cos the sink isnt dead at all. Dont give up.

To Solitairemarr.
I think.... Solitairemarr, 06 Jul 2005 03:40
I think the sink is going to start getting interesting again, Im discovering things even though i rarely come here anymore. Somthing feels the way it used to (weird, but in a good way) anyways.. Last night i was thinking about an old friend of mine from the sink, I remembered when me and her talked about what coulor combonatioins we thought were cool, nd she said my hair would look GREAT with purple and red! So... last night i went and dyed my hair... purple and red!(and black) but, its so cool. im so glad i was thinking about her *sigh*

To Rosibutterfly.
that is exactly .. Rosibutterfly, 06 Jul 2005 04:03
the colours I am wearing today Solly Wolly .. must be something in the air! Sun is shining, all is well in my world. I bet you look terrific too!

To Solitairemarr.
I guess... were twins... Solitairemarr, 06 Jul 2005 04:10
Exept there is some group of ladies out there who wear ALL red and prurple in a tacky way, and i think its part of their club or somthing, hmm. i saw it yesterday. Very Odd.

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