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naam: Spacelatte
latijns:saturnia pavonia f - kleine nachtpauwoog

To Spacelatte.
i used to be sadsad.here Spacelatte, 10 Okt 2017 01:04
i used to be sad

To Bettysblackshoe.
I used to be sad too. Bettysblackshoe, 10 Okt 2017 08:31
Now I'm a bug.

To Areohgeebee.
Are you in Areohgeebee, 10 Okt 2017 11:01
the dreamteam?

To Mumra.
Mumra, 11 Okt 2017 16:29
I am!

To Spacelatte.
uh? Spacelatte, 10 Okt 2017 00:22
what is this?

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