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naam: Theabused
latijns:corizus hyoscyami

To Theabused.
Feeling like you're fatfat.here Theabused, 26 Jun 2006 02:31
If you can feel fat you can feel fatter or even fatter. But that's just me how about you?

To Theabused.
Feeling Intimateintimate.here Theabused, 26 Jun 2006 02:26
Feeling intimate means you feel like i do. So lonly.

To Stretch.
Must be a typo! Stretch, 26 Jun 2006 05:29
or mabe you are lonely with a E...

To Theabused.
The Rootsroots.here Theabused, 04 Jun 2006 22:56
When the roots come you go. When the roots come again you go.When the roots keep coming you stop.You start the end.


To Theabused.
Thinkingchoices.here Theabused, 04 Jun 2006 22:31
By thinking choices don't matter that much then how did you make the choice to keep living?


To Inkstud.
that doesn't sound Inkstud, 24 Mei 2007 18:21
like much of a choice

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