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naam: Themirror
latijns:calopterix virgo f - gewone beekjuffer

To Themirror.
I am a bug Themirror, 22 Okt 2008 17:12
I am a BUG

To Nothing.
yes very cute, 22 Okt 2008 20:55
an ordinairy maid of the brook

To Elling.
BRING ON THE TRUMPETS! Elling, 22 Okt 2008 23:46

To Salote.
Bring on the strumpets Salote, 23 Okt 2008 20:42

To Berre.
BRING ON THE CRUMPETS Berre, 24 Okt 2008 01:51

To Nothing.
HEY CAREFUL... widgets of an armpit...on a budget, 24 Okt 2008 17:32
...not to make crumbs while snackin' on the carpet!

To Elling.
be careful Elling, 24 Okt 2008 20:18
to make sure you die soon

To Nothing.
define ''soon'' ...next time, carve an ''O'' in your face, 25 Okt 2008 04:59
why ''careful''? pssst, Quisling, big hint: death is inevitable. Oh, and ''B''TW...

To Elling.
soon: within the next week Elling, 25 Okt 2008 15:40
i mean careful to make sure you die...you can do this by carefully making sure you dont eat (though that will take longer than a week) put your head underwater till i turn up at your house and tell you to stop, walk into a burning building (be careful not to bring a fire extinguisher) shoot yourself in the head (be careful to load the gun properly and not miss the target)...thanks to the internet you cvan find out about many other ways that i cant be arsed to list.

To Elling.
youre right, i dont get the joke, but Elling, 25 Okt 2008 15:46
youre wrong on a few things...Pulp t-shirts are extremely hard to find, so i dont have one. and nobody could force me to eat magic mushrooms, as i would eat them anyway...i have an A carved onto my face, guess what that stands for, go on, be creative dont disappoint me..

To Nothing.
I'm gonna say... You write the jokes for us, 25 Okt 2008 20:09

To Nothing.
I'm gonna say in the universe and beyond, 28 Okt 2008 05:37
Arguably the most boring bug that ever lived

To Intensesourgirl.
I looooveee... Intensesourgirl, 24 Okt 2008 18:21
your dress.

To Nothing.
BRING ON bring on the mumpets and zumpets, 25 Okt 2008 07:43

To Magician.
You are a bug. Magician, 26 Okt 2008 22:11
And you are beautiful. Who are we to presume ourselves higher or better than the bugs? We can crush a bug with a thought and so we see ourselves as powerful. But what is power? How is killing power?

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