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naam: Whatever
latijns:cionus scrophulariae

To Whatever.
...winner.here Whatever, 25 Okt 2002 14:05
missing something you dont know - thats for me... a little like being thursty allthough thats pretty farway (but fuck!! try translate stuff in the central nervesystem(if thats where we are standing...or is it just somewhere in our digesting machine?)theres no alternative to water or spirits and that makes me feel desparatetly lonley

To Nothing.
hmmmm..... soliteri, 08 Nov 2002 07:25
hi ....Whatever......

To Whatever.
well...tidy.here Whatever, 15 Okt 2002 11:45
... he didnt gather ALL(!!) your stuff to a great big pile in the middle of your room and fucked up all the chairs did he...? YOUR mister is more creative

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