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Mister went the same way.

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To Morgwaine.
better... don´t talk to himmister.here Morgwaine, 17 Jan 2014 23:38
why?... why did you talk to him?, he is weird... maybe you mut go to other place, because I think he is not going to go anywhere... or maybe, but, better if you... i don´t know... go in a trip to the beach when he is asleep?. do he sleeps?... maybe he is there so you can´t go to anywhere, is dangerous man, run

To Nothing.
title كىنىحةmister.here يبرثصقثبرفقللاف, 17 Jun 2011 18:18

To Nothing.
he smokesmister.here mona, 31 Mei 2011 00:34

To Nothing.
name, 31 Mei 2011 12:33
Always stating the obvious mite aint ya

To Nothing.
He wants people to believe ''Icantcontrolmyfingers'', 31 Mei 2011 12:36
that hes cleverer than he actually is so play the game and try and read into it

To Coalitiontory.
You can always read into Coalitiontory, 31 Mei 2011 12:43
what he doesnt know hes doing. I can already tell you that hes a traitor though.

To Nothing.
Family name, 31 Mei 2011 13:02
the family archetype is at work

To Nothing.
what means it? ploise elaboratez un peu, 18 Jul 2011 07:06

To Nothing.
how so? interested bystander, 05 Jun 2011 22:55

To Gibson.
Oh well, never mind...mister.here Gibson, 28 Dec 2008 07:57
I remember him now. He was a very old roommate. He left one day long ago without paying his share of the rent. He's ashamed of it, and has not said anything...and I just recognized him. ''Roomie, good to see you. Don't worry about that last months rent. Really. How have you been?'' Good to see you man!

To Nothing.
me toomister.here c.f.t.a., 03 Okt 2007 21:30
my head is also full of funny random useless meaningful treasures/crap.
congrats on a great site

To Nothing.
intriguing Asier, 29 Jul 2008 20:26
I specially liked this one story. The whole site is nice too, a daring aproach to web art.

To Nothing.
:(mister.here mariasilvitaa@hotmail.com, 09 Sep 2007 19:39
me gustaria saber iobgles

To Nothing.
inescapable emptinessmister.here ashes of tomorrow, 09 Mei 2007 12:18
A thousand melodies fluttered through her mind,
whirling around in the throbbing head, entwining her heart like questing tendrils..

This page is perfectly adorable. Thank you. =)

To Spluch.
hmmmm .... mister.here Spluch, 08 Feb 2007 16:47
getting the feeling that your in his house.

To Odious.
he smokesmister.here Odious, 03 Jan 2007 22:45
so don't worry. soon he will die of lung cancer. if not, give him food until he dies of obesity.

To Nothing.
give him logic tricked dog doing tricks, 03 Jan 2007 23:05
til he dies of reason; any addiction that does the trick

To Nothing.
this blog rocks carmendelly, 05 Feb 2008 17:34
this is the best blog i ever saw! google me

To Nothing.
palla zangana palla zangana, 05 Mei 2013 11:56
palla zangana

To Nothing.
SORRYmister.here MOPI, 28 Aug 2006 21:44

To Nothing.
THE CAST THE DIRECTOR, 02 Sep 2006 19:42
SIEGFRIED – poor son of a farmer, arrives back from the war, legs missing, returns home expecting all to be as before, and life to go on as normal BUNTY – his fiancée. Believed Siegfried had been killed in the war, and has as a result married BARON MUNK. MARY – the maid. In fact a road digger and transvestite who took the job as maid in disguise to avoid fighting in the war. TOOTSY the cat. A talking and dancing cat. WOOFY the dog. A talking and ventriloquist dog.

To Nothing.
Siegfried arrives home at the chateau he used to share with Bunty. Bunty is shocked to see Siegfried alive. Mary, Tootsy and Woofy make appearances as and when necessary. Then Baron Munk arrives home……….

To Chrisharris.
Then it is all over. The End. Chrisharris, 04 Sep 2006 07:52
Moving on to the merchandise, I am here to make money damn it. Book the helicopter, we're scattering DVDs over Europe as a publicity stunt.

To Nothing.
Wot ? THE DIRECTOR, 05 Sep 2006 22:29
Show me where to sign !

To Nothing.
At last Larry Lintworm, 05 Sep 2006 23:43
the recognition deserved by such a multi talented artist

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