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Pool is home to a band-aid.

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To Czanonyon.
hipool.here Czanonyon, 07 Jun 2019 10:37


To Czanonyon.
no imaginepool.here Czanonyon, 07 Jun 2019 10:37
ey vabe keo lagai

To Starlynx.
Everybody dance!!pool.here Starlynx, 06 Feb 2019 22:10
Don't stop the music!


To Professorkelpsy.
sometimes pool.here Professorkelpsy, 11 Jul 2017 09:55

I would like to live in a giant glass snail's shell whilst it travels across the sea.

and when you find a hefty spike from a merking's crown, fashion it into an instrument to play. (maybe flute, maybe drum sticks.)
Perhaps I would then fasten the petty flute firmly unto a silkworm strap.

Id like to think that when the snail eats, she'll share some with you so you can make lightly salted seaweed soup and cook quail eggs on the glass of her shell. Yes.. I would like to do this with you.

To Wob.
You have Wob, 11 Jul 2017 10:41
a beautifully quintessential grasp of this stuff. Hey! I don't think you have thought about the back drop to the mind sufficiently to deliverance though! Hey Hey!

To Facethefacts.
A Farcepool.here Facethefacts, 03 Jul 2015 20:56
Farcical. Farsi. Far-see. Phrenomoter.

To Elesde.
Give peace a chance then! Elesde, 05 Jul 2015 19:43
What is there to lose?

To Hrdkre.
questionspool.here Hrdkre, 25 Mei 2015 05:56
does anybody knows if there will be more entries?, I've been around a couple of years checking

To Nobodyhear.
Nobodyhere knows. Nobodyhear, 25 Mei 2015 15:17
So stick around a couple more years.

To Lali.
yeah Lali, 17 Jul 2015 06:02
we all just keep coming back

To Kindasorta.
puddle Kindasorta, 18 Jan 2016 00:55
they're throwing us mud puddles of their thoughts that we catch
we love this site

To Nothing.
Milk Dustpool.here Fara, 19 Jan 2015 00:07
Foxes are spilling out of the foliage

To Mindnumb.
In Rust we must Trust Mindnumb, 19 Mrt 2015 08:04
The time is Yesterday


To Nothing.
nippelpool.here hush hush, 11 Dec 2014 16:05
hello my name is

To Nothing.
what the f? gervais, 16 Feb 2015 19:37
pools and band aids

To Polynera.
YOU the f!!!!! Polynera, 16 Sep 2019 00:26
Whoooo! Spooky plot twist!

To Nothing.
plzpool.here ali, 23 Nov 2014 02:39
nobody likes a ''meat loaf'' kind of person.

To Nothing.
Whats wrong with Moo, 23 Nov 2014 13:03
Meat Loaf? I thought he was meant to be cool?

To Kenia.
Nobody herepool.here Kenia, 15 Okt 2014 03:16
Just us..


6 5 4 3 2 1

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