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Present from mister.

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To Kindasorta.
dear godpresent.here Kindasorta, 11 Feb 2018 23:55
that scare gave me a heart atack

To Stitches.
hey present.here Stitches, 02 Apr 2017 23:33
mister, thank you gfor the present. i feel
better alreadty :)

To Zedhead.
Thanks!present.here Zedhead, 17 Mei 2016 21:21
Thanks, Mister. I'm feeling so different.

To Nothing.
What was scary?present.here Seru-Chan, 15 Dec 2014 03:57
What happens? I didn't get to it yet and would like a spoiler. Also because the actual thing just scares the crap out of me.

To Zedhead.
A hint Zedhead, 17 Mei 2016 21:20
Tun on all the switches

To Kindasorta.
indeed Kindasorta, 11 Feb 2018 23:59

To Jloki.
...present.here Jloki, 20 Okt 2013 06:52
I'm kind of a little creeped out... What the hell? Is dude saying something, are we just mumbling...?

To Nothing.
...Saying? Mind, 19 Dec 2013 13:59
Nobody is saying anything. Nobody is mumbling anything. It's just your imagination. Your desire of talking with someone else overflowing from your head. There is nobody around you. There is no internet, no site, and no present as we know it. Wake up.

To Nothing.
Dream Seru-Chan, 14 Dec 2014 21:22
I wonder if life was a dream.
Is this real?
There is no site. This isn't real. I have no idea what life is. What is this?
Why am I typing into a random chat box on a random unreal website? What's the point of it?

To Isusi.
gosh!present.here Isusi, 08 Jul 2012 20:55
wow for my birthday that's cool!

To Nothing.
I rofled.present.here bew, 13 Jul 2010 18:30
so hard.

To Zyr.
Awesomepresent.here Zyr, 27 Jun 2010 06:20
Is this from Mister? I do feel a little bit different right now.

To Nothing.
I face it, I am pussy.present.here Bleson, 01 Jun 2009 08:05
i got so near to the scary bit, but I exited it RIGHT ON TIME when I read that something scary will pop up.

Please tell me, in words or image, what happens at the 'scary bit'. Or even better, put on youtube.

Not for the pussies. I fucking urinated my pants when I played the Maze Game.

To Elling.
it gives you a terrible disease Elling, 01 Jun 2009 19:35
thats why were all so delerious we pretend to be insects and type useless crap to each other

To Nothing.
titl name, 19 Okt 2009 06:00

To Nothing.
You big bastard.present.here name, 06 Jan 2009 00:50
You bastard.

To Nothing.
sam with love samira, 06 Apr 2009 17:10
hallo redouane

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