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Stuff is crucial.

To Starlynx.
In 2018...stuff.here Starlynx, 08 Mei 2018 19:30
Does anyone else go here??

To Ishvara.
Ishvara, 09 Mei 2018 16:52

To Kindasorta.
printer paperstuff.here Kindasorta, 18 Jan 2016 00:51
i tried scribbling on it but it was too perfect so i made a paper airplane
the thing is printer paper is too light and able to be fragmented so it flew away

To Wednesdayadams.
did it fly away? Wednesdayadams, 18 Apr 2017 11:39
one time a paper plane flew away from me and never came back...

To Rebeccatm.
just nakedstuff.here Rebeccatm, 23 Jun 2012 05:03
the presence of nothing-but-the-body is maybe just as crucial as stuff

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