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Tea is a good start.

To Msmads.
Softtea.here Msmads, 23 Mrt 2018 14:51
Soothing flavor 'stead
of painfully bitter stuff
tea, never coffee

To Wastadime.
Salon -Teatea.here Wastadime, 22 Jan 2017 00:54
I always order tea when I'm at the local tavern.
Until reacently it was quite a fuzz, but it seems, they've gotten used to it.
I don't eaven have to put on my ''I'm terrybly sorry'' face.
#the world has changed.
Maby I'll try to order some Serenity next time.

To Stigandr.
I'm not flat on my kidney yet!tea.here Stigandr, 20 Okt 2013 02:51
So do we compare this to the water in the back of our toilets or what?

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