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To Nothing.
Now. It ends now.untitled.here Mark, 31 Mei 2014 05:08
''I've been through this before though?''
''I think you've known all along, Mark.''
''Then how did I get here?''
''That, you see, is the real mystery.''

To Thetaleofmark.
The Rhythm Thetaleofmark, 31 Mei 2014 05:24
For Mark life was always about the rhythm.
Rhythm of work, rhythm of sleep, or rhythm of sadness.
That's all life was.
One constricting, unrelenting, series of repeating patterns.
A rhythm.
A rhythm that flowed endlessly through life like a river gone limp from fighting the Earth, making the same slow beats for millennia hoping that one day someone might give her the power to flood the World anew.

That's all life was for Mark.

To Thetaleofmark.
Waking up Thetaleofmark, 31 Mei 2014 05:42
''Ughh...'' Mark groaned as he woke up dizzy to the rays of sun piercing his eyelids. He was just sleeping off last night's graveyard shift when the sun took perfect aim through the small slot between his dusty blinds to say hello. He looked over to his nightstand and checked the time.


''Great'' He whispered sarcastically.
''Just an hour 'till work''

To Thetaleofmark.
It's your turn. Thetaleofmark, 31 Mei 2014 05:49
~~~And then...~~~

To Kilmi.
##Andthen# Kilmi, 05 Mei 2015 21:32
Mark lay still, staring at the ceiling for awhile before reaching behind his pillow for his mobile.

'1 New Message'

This irritated him more than if he had no messages because it gave a him a little hope.

'Happy Birthday from TSB Bank, we....'

Mark stopped reading and let his phone drop to the floor. He scrunched himself into a foetal position and attempted to get a few more moments of rest.

To Nothing.
Noah is bullshit. Government proped entities, 01 Jun 2014 09:11
Mark is bullshit.

To Nothing.
this is amaing untitled.here e, 05 Jan 2014 05:38
I like this a lot and I don;t jow what it sk

To Nothing.
z butt wejow, 06 Jan 2014 02:21
most likely, you;ll never jow

To Nothing.
so 28, 06 Jan 2014 02:51

To Nothing.
oh my goduntitled.here i cant, 21 Okt 2013 15:15
i just... this is my feelings in one website

To Nothing.
oh my dog wecan!, 22 Okt 2013 05:12

To Nothing.
none of this means anythinguntitled.here Bitch, 19 Okt 2013 21:54
at all.

To Nothing.
it's been so quiet here latelyuntitled.here the sound level of a room is 40 dB, 28 Feb 2012 05:45
i've never enjoyed the quiet before recently. now i can't get enough.

silence, darkness, space, listen to the world around you. try it.

To Nothing.
titlekgkgkg name, 20 Okt 2013 06:13

To Nothing.
oh heyuntitled.here Lulz, 13 Feb 2010 18:33
wtf is this site

To Nothing.
welluntitled.here mmoo, 03 Mei 2009 15:21
it is very well

To Nothing.
babies are cute Marina, 03 Mei 2009 17:46
chubby cheeks

To Nothing.
you are notuntitled.here sarah, 28 Mei 2008 23:16
the same

To Nothing.
This is random but...untitled.here Marina, 26 Mrt 2008 17:55
Chocolate comes in Brown and white. Just like Humans!

To Salo.
White chocolate Salo, 27 Mrt 2008 03:17
IS NOT CHOCOLATE!! Okay I'll get off my soap box.

To Nothing.
my granny would be so so proud of you berre remenisces, 27 Mrt 2008 06:21
us kiddos were not even allowed to call white chocolate chocolate

To Nothing.
sweet on you two spider king, 27 Mrt 2008 07:41
contains no coca...dark chocolate is better for you.

To Omena.
dark chocolate Omena, 30 Mrt 2008 16:40
good enough reason to live


To Nothing.
yES IT IS! White IS a color!, 29 Mrt 2008 18:23
you are racist!

To Salo.
Just the facts..ma'am Salo, 29 Mrt 2008 18:36
White chocolate is ....a confection of sugar, cocoa butter, and milk solids. Unlike chocolate, white chocolate contains neither chocolate liquor nor cocoa solids.

To Dahenk.
the facts where you live, maybe Dahenk, 30 Mrt 2008 10:39
not an universal truth. ''Since white chocolate contains neither cocoa solids nor chocolate liquor (cocoa mass), it does not meet the standard to be marketed as chocolate in __many countries__.'' - wikipedia.org (emphasis mine ;-)


To Nothing.
changing the subject ever so slightly Googlista, 30 Mrt 2008 12:10
When I was younger (oh, so much younger than today)white dog shit was fairly common on the streets and consequently on the soles of my shoes. It seems to have disappeared. Why ? I have tried Google but to no avail. Is it something to do with global warming ?

To Nothing.
on the other hand ............. Googlista, 30 Mrt 2008 12:14
pure black dog shit is more prevalent. This however can be explained by dogs drinking Guinness more often.

To Nothing.
Dog shit Expert on dog excretions, 31 Mrt 2008 01:49
undergoes color changes as it dries. At first it turns black, and after enough sun exposure it turns white.

To Redsboy.
Some people Redsboy, 31 Mrt 2008 02:59
study one thing, and some another. But this is a new one! I've seen the stuff, but I've never had the curiosity (or stomach) to really examine or study it. Well, here in the splats we have experts on everything, I guess.

To Nothing.
fuzzy dog shit sqep, 01 Apr 2008 07:49
here along the coast, if undisturbed, all dog shit will mold and get ----FUZZY white---- then someday a yellow mushroom. Come full circle? ....ok I care about fuzzy dog do....So I won't step in it. blop plop fuzz fizz oh what a stink it is.

To Nothing.
white dogshit ness, 01 Apr 2008 09:55
is produced by dogs who get bare bones only for a meal. Nowadays they get more meat attached. Times are getting wealthier and it shows in dogshit.

To Redsboy.
Now why would you say that? Redsboy, 29 Mrt 2008 22:26
You have no idea what race, or races, we are.

To Nothing.
didn't research nothing spider king, 01 Apr 2008 08:40
but I remember that they used to smoke it in Europe,way back when.

To Nothing.
I'm so glad... Marina, 01 Apr 2008 01:30
That I've just started a lively debate!

To Geezer.
I think (occasionally) Geezer, 03 Apr 2008 03:31
the fact there is no YELLOW or RED chocolate MUST be discriminatory. Surely, there is a law somewhere to prevent this type of thing. Shall we make up signs and march?

To Nothing.
why yellow or red? , 03 Apr 2008 20:35
why not green or pink?

To Geezer.
Well, I was referring to races. Geezer, 03 Apr 2008 21:55
Although most ''white'' people are mostly pink, I don't know (personally) any green folks.

To Nothing.
red and yellow races??? rainbow planet?, 03 Apr 2008 23:29
what are you talking about? which races are red and yellow??!

To Redsboy.
Oh, my! Redsboy, 04 Apr 2008 01:48
Well, in the part of the world where I am, most refer to members of the Negro race as ''black.'' In the same manner, Caucasians are called ''white.'' The American Indians (sometimes called ''native Americans'') are referred to as ''Red,'' and Orientals are called ''yellow.'' These terms are used in many songs, including the childrens' Sunday School song, ''Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World.'' Sorry, but I didn't mean to talk over your head. Does this help?

To Nothing.
oh wow flabbergasted in 12 colors, 04 Apr 2008 03:28

To Stretch.
one more Stretch, 04 Apr 2008 09:09
the brown people...all those latinos who live south of the border.

To Redsboy.
Yes, Stretch Redsboy, 04 Apr 2008 19:26
And increasingly NORTH of that border as well. I know I may be setting off a fire-storm, but I welcome the ''brown'' people who come here legally, and I have an EXTREME dislike (to say the least) for those who are ''illegals.'' They are NOT ''illegal immigrants.'' They are illegal aliens. Oh, my! Here we go!

To Nothing.
city juiceuntitled.here name, 14 Mrt 2007 03:06
textAll the creative juices of the city flow through this site. Some of it achingly beautiful and some of it very painful, very destructive.Manic pace to manic peace but never a sense of home. City means move-city means out-city always means almost.

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