Welkom bij de insecten.

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Naar Bigbelly.
I like the Dutch Bigbelly, 24 Mei 2017 11:54
you lot are good, worthy people. I'm not going to say you are better that the English, where I live, but you are worth it.

I wrote a book which the English Establishment are up in arms about...


I believe the Americans are not so concerned more interested in its truth (if they can find any!).

You seem to be pretty laid back people lets see what happens a?!

I thought I was Lucifer when I was writing it. Honestly I sort of did. I'm not Satan anyway, although...

Naar Bigbelly.
Bigbelly, 24 Mei 2017 12:02
he is much to do with me Spiritually. Synchronicity helps explain what I mean. We all have our Spirit after all don't we?!

There is one thing I would like to draw your attention to my Brethren, which is Elohim, Adonai, Christ. Please look into the origin and etymmology of the name Elohim the Trinity is par excellence for understanding many things not least Magic - which we are all interested in.

I have a twitter account that you might be interested in... @5onie_5later... please feel welcome...

Naar Bigbelly.
Bigbelly, 24 Mei 2017 12:09
to follow me if you are interested in that kind of thing.

I will keep my interest in Bugs like I have over the years using many different names. I never meant to aggrieve any of you or put you out I just thought I could give you a blast of Spirit using Zen technology. Apparently the English don't like me being to intellectual although I confirm I would be or would like to be sometime, a Grand Chess Novelist, and most likely linguist at least if Google Translate didn't exist! Ha!

Naar Hasatan.
You lot seem to like your coffee Hasatan, 24 Mei 2017 00:23
I like a hot tea or coffee as well, but this summer I'm thinking about getting away to somewhere hotter...


Naar Koffieboontje.
TEA ? Koffieboontje, 24 Mei 2017 06:56
You out of your mind ?


Naar Hasatan.
Ha! Hasatan, 24 Mei 2017 09:54
tea ist gut, aber knuckle dusters unt coffee seem dangerous!

Naar Sjokotovv.
Coffee dangerous ? Sjokotovv, 24 Mei 2017 14:45
Du bist eine wandernde Seele !
I hope you get well soon !

Naar Scapowsky.
Scapowsky, 24 Mei 2017 16:41
Hij eet veel hemel, dus hier hoopt het!

Naar Holysmoke.
Speciaal voor Juweeltje Holysmoke, 23 Mei 2017 12:10
Juweeltje, 22 Mei 2017
de koffie is ook al weg....


Naar Iwansjokotovv.
Sidder & beef ! Iwansjokotovv, 23 Mei 2017 06:18
Wij komen er aan !


Naar Loesje.
Wereldburgers Loesje, 22 Mei 2017 06:09
Je vindt ze in elk dorp


Naar Sjokotovv.
ik prefereer il cittadino italiano Sjokotovv, 22 Mei 2017 06:22


Naar Lionoh.
Lionoh, 21 Mei 2017 22:40
Ronney J Dixon = 67 God The Creator = 67!!!

Naar Bigbelly.
Bigbelly, 22 Mei 2017 10:57
Quelque chose à voir avec Henry peut-être?

Naar Cornelius.
I've shown you some signs Cornelius, 20 Mei 2017 19:32
I will say this and then I will not bother you any more.

James Francis McAuliffe = 180 God The Creator = 180

Granddad = 53 God Himself = 53

Thank you and Goodbye.

Naar Hasatan.
James Francis McAuliffe Hasatan, 21 Mei 2017 16:51
my dear Sir, was not God. Make what you will then of the meaning of THAT sign!

Naar Sclubsevens.
You're not Sclubsevens, 21 Mei 2017 19:21
the Archangel Satanael are you?

Naar Hasatan.
Hasatan, 21 Mei 2017 19:24

Naar Hasatan.
Hasatan, 21 Mei 2017 19:36
Neither are you the Archangel Lucifer

Naar Shiver.
Nimm ein Shiver, 21 Mei 2017 21:14
Blatt aus meinem Buch!


Naar Lionoh.
A connection Lionoh, 22 Mei 2017 18:00
in sympathy.

Naar Congoleesje.
u bent vriendelijk uitgenodigd Congoleesje, 20 Mei 2017 06:12


Naar Iwansjokotov.
Hoera ! Feest ! Iwansjokotov, 20 Mei 2017 05:49


Naar Hasatan.
68 Hasatan, 19 Mei 2017 13:48
S'ils perdent l'Écosse, ils perdent tout

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